Luxury Pop and VRTT Join Hands to Bring a Luxury E-commerce Platform
Luxury Pop and VRTT Join Hands to Bring a Luxury E-commerce Platform

Luxury Pop and VRTT Vintage have joined forces under one name, Luxury Pop. The brand-new entity will offer an expertise marketplace for re-selling of luxury goods in India, helping the country bridge the gap in the world’s burgeoning sustainable fashion market. 

Luxury Pop will continue to be led by its founder Punit Anand and Gabriella Demetriades has been announced as the creative director. As the new creative director of the brand, Gabriella visions taking the brand’s legacy to a higher level through her global perspective and her skilled conscious consumerism knowledge.

Luxury Pop, a pioneer, and veteran in the sustainable fashion movement, in its 8th successive year of operations, has become the go-to online platform for the purchase and sale of pre-loved authentic luxury goods while its former counterpart VRTT Vintage was a premium e-destination for buying and selling of vintage luxury items. A merger between the two creates an expansion of customer base, increased market share, and improved brand recognition – making Luxury Pop one of the most sought-after and reliable brands in the industry. With shared values and vision, the new and enhanced platform will make a greater impact in the pre-loved and sustainable space with products ranging from bags, sunglasses, and footwear to clothing, belts, and accessories.

Punit Anand, Founder of Luxury Pop said, “Through personal experiences and in-depth research I came up with Luxury Pop – a platform that bridges the gap between luxury, affordability, and sustainability. I believe that the future of luxury fashion is sustainable and circular where the ultimate goal of our brand is to run as sustainably as possible. Gabriella’s keen curatorial perspective and decade-plus experience in the world of fashion will be crucial to the growth of Luxury Pop. Working together as a team, we will be able to fully capitalize on the opportunities available to us.

The creative director of Luxury Pop, Gabriella Demetriades, also a fashion designer, launched her premium fashion label ‘Deme’ in 2014 to fill the void that existed in the women’s western wear market in India. 

Gabriella Demetriades, Creative Director of Luxury Pop, expressed, “Our combined mission is to bring luxury to the masses by making it aspirational-attainable while minimizing our carbon footprint. We are confident that Luxury Pop has the potential to disrupt the traditional luxury fashion industry.

Luxury Pop’s primary goal is to urge people to consume fashion mindfully and sustainably. The company aims to increase awareness of the detrimental environmental effects of the over-consumption of fashion while encouraging the concept of up-cycling luxurious goods. Its wide customer base, repeat usage, and high social media engagement are tributes to Luxury Pop’s impeccable reputation and brand goodwill as a trustworthy and sustainable online re-selling platform.

The Indian second-hand luxury goods market was estimated to be worth Rs 4108 crore in 2021 and is expected to almost double to Rs 7950 crore by 2027. The resale market creates an attractive proposition for the price-sensitive Indian consumer by making luxury affordable. This market further caters to the environmentally conscious millennial purchaser and their preference for going green and minimizing their carbon footprint.

The new brand entity Luxury Pop is perfectly poised to take advantage of the unprecedented growth and opportunity in this ‘E-commerce’ industry. Its hands-on experience, customer relations, inimitable style, and business acumen make this company one to watch out for in 2023 and for the years to come.

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