MAXHUB Unveils New AI-Enabled Interactive Flat Panel Series, V6 Transcend and Classic
MAXHUB Unveils New AI-Enabled Interactive Flat Panel Series, V6 Transcend and Classic

MAXHUB has introduced its latest offerings, the V6 Transcend and Classic interactive flat panel series, at the Palm Expo in Mumbai. These advanced audio-visual (AV) products and solutions are designed to elevate the corporate and education sectors by providing highly engaging and futuristic features enabled by artificial intelligence (AI).

The AV industry has witnessed a growing demand for technologies that facilitate remote collaboration, large-scale corporate engagements, distance learning, and hybrid work setups. With the launch of the V6 series, available in sizes of 55, 65, 75, and 86 inches, MAXHUB aims to deliver seamless communication and an enhanced customer experience through features such as seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and impressive audio-visual functionality. This series meets various meeting requirements with its built-in camera, microphone, and touch panel, boasting vibrant colors and scratch-free, anti-glare tempered glass.

There is a significant surge in demand for advanced interactive solutions, as consumers seek convenient, intelligent, cost-effective, and productive communication experiences. MAXHUB has established itself as a global leader in AI-enabled LCD and LED systems by providing flexible products and cutting-edge solutions. MAXHUB OS 6.0, along with wireless projection and video conferencing bars, ensures effortless access and enriches the communication experience, further solidifying MAXHUB's position in the industry.

Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business said, "We are highly delighted to introduce our interactive flat panel displays, which are intended to meet the expanding demands of the modern business environment. These AI-powered devices will be the epitome of new technology that will aid in ever-changing work settings and improve the quality of conferences and meetings. By combining VC-ready characteristics with productive discussion facilitators, the hybrid-working mode may be greatly accelerated through efficient and effective interactions."

These products fulfill your diverse range of collaboration and learning contexts. In addition to V6 Panels, MAXHUB has introduced a line of video conferencing products, which are all unified communication gadgets that make it easier to communicate clearly and effectively. MAXHUB V6 stands ready to further empower your meetings, develop your business, and link your resources.

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