Oriflame Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils NovAge Proceuticals
Oriflame Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils NovAge Proceuticals

Oriflame, a leading social selling company in the cosmetics and beauty industry, is spreading its horizon in the premium cosmeceutical category

Oriflame’s new cosmeceutical range is designed to provide professional, targeted solutions to solve specific skin challenges and achieve the ideal complexion because special challenges call for specialist expertise.

The range includes stand-alone, precision treatments designed to fit seamlessly into your NovAge skincare routine so that you can safely and effectively target and address your personal skin challenges.

Frederic Widell, VP, Head of South Asia and MD India, Oriflame said, “It's like being in the hands of a dermatologist; some skincare ingredients stand the test of time and are trusted for a reason. Enter NovAge Proceuticals, concentrated, precision treatments to target and address your personal skin challenges – for visible, proven results safely and effectively. It will give you the experience of high-end derma skincare results in the comfort of your home. Every skin need is different, and Oriflame understands it.

The range comprises the 10 percent Vitamin C Solution, an intensive 4-week treatment concentrating on skin radiance and addressing skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It works with a soothing serum solution and helps inhibit the over-production of melanin, resulting in a luminous, flawlessly even complexion.

Kanan Jain, Brand and Category Manager, Asia - Beauty, Personal Care and Wellness of Oriflame said, “Oriflame is dedicated to curating products with certified and clinically proven actives used in specialist care only. We know that Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant, but it isn’t the easiest to work with as it's notoriously unstable and difficult to keep fresh. For this reason, our Proceuticals VIT C comes in an innovative formulation with powder and aqueous gel.

Second in line with newly launched products is Retinol Power Drops, tailored to enhance the skin's youthfulness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It consists of 1.1 percent encapsulated retinol, an active anti-aging ingredient. The efficacy of this product is that it works at the cellular level to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and boosts dermal water content to give plumper and healthier-looking skin. The 6 percent AHA Peel Solution product of Oriflame’s NovAge ProCeuticals range acts on renewing the skin using a chemical peel solution comprised of 6 percent alpha hydroxy acids, 3 percent lactic acid, and 3 percent glycolic acid at a cellular level. 

It visibly prevents roughness and the appearance of pores in the skin, minimizes dullness, restores radiance, and smoothens skin surface and texture. The most common problem regarding skin is the same for most men or women across the globe, i.e., the loss of firmness in the skin. With NovAge’s Instant Peptide Ampoules product, skin tightening is effectively possible. It stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, and lifts and tightens the skin in seven days. 

Monika Bhat, the Beauty and Makeup Specialist of Oriflame India stated, “It is a common tendency of people to apply actives directly onto their skin despite using them for the first time. That’s what aggravates the skin and results in irritation or breakouts. Whenever you include actives in your skincare routine, it is advisable to kickstart with just one active serum at a time. It will allow you to assess if it’s effective on your skin and also build your skin’s tolerance for other active ingredients. Overloading the skin with too many activities can harm the skin. It is essential to let each product shine and, remember while using any Proceuticals range applying sunscreen is a must.

The new range of its NovAge ProCeuticals is designed specially to cater to the personalized skincare experience. With an understanding that every skin requires a targeted solution to resolve deep problems associated with a particular skin type, we are zeroing in to boost skincare routines for different skin types. 

It is best to use specific products meant to take care of acne, but in the long run, Retinol works in increasing the skin turnover rate, hence clearer skin. However, using it on broken skin is not advised. All NovAge Proceuticals products are formulated optimally for performance and safety. The new range of products is consumer friendly as it will enrich and support existing skincare routines of consumers.

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