Pabrai’s Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Packaged Liquid Nalen Gur
Pabrai’s Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils Packaged Liquid Nalen Gur

Pabrai's Fresh and Naturelle Ice Creams, known as the inventors of Nalen Gur Ice Cream, has launched packaged Liquid Nalen Gur to help its customers elevate their household dessert experience. While the unique Nalen Gur ice cream has been loved by millions of customers, Pabrai’s has launched the packaged version of Liquid Nalen Gur (Liquid Date Palm Jaggery) so that its distinct aroma and earthy taste can be savored with a variety of hot and cold desserts. 

Be it Nalen Gurer Payesh, Nalen Gur Roshogolla, or the Nalen Gurer Sondesh, this liquid jaggery uplifts the flavor and experience of savoring these desserts that cannot be described in words. Nalen Gur or Date Pal Jaggery is sourced from the sap of Date Palm trees in the winter season, usually between November and January. A much-loved ingredient in West Bengal, this unique amber brown liquid can be enjoyed with an array of Indian as well as exotic confectioneries, like pancakes, brownies, etc.

Apart from its unique natural flavor and aroma, the liquid Nalen Gur also has health benefits like providing warmth and energy without adding high calories to the body. The importance of Jaggery consumption dates back to the times of Ayurveda which also lists the many benefits of consuming it.

Nalen Gur, Anuvrat Pabrai said, “The extraction window of the natural, rich Nalen Gur from the sap of date palm trees has just concluded. Given the high popularity that our Nalen Gur ice cream has garnered, we at Pabrai’s have been thinking of making the unique local product of West Bengal available for everyone around the country. With that thought, we launched the packaged liquid, Nalen Gur. We hope our customers celebrate with us the season’s sweetness as we unveil the all-new packaged liquid, Nalen Gur.

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