Retail India News: How this D2C Brand is Changing Dental Care
Retail India News: How this D2C Brand is Changing Dental Care

As cold winds usher in the season of warmth and self-care, the shift in daily experiences becomes apparent. From chattering teeth and dry winds inducing dehydration to minor tooth pain and sensitivity, the winter season brings unique challenges. Salt Oral Care addresses these concerns with a range of oral care solutions designed to keep you flawless through the Jack Frost. In a noteworthy business angle, Salt aligns safety with sustainability, offering eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, vegan, gluten-free, and toxin-free options, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the $51.45 billion Oral Care industry.

The product line includes four variants of mouthwash catering to preventive oral care in distinct categories—Savant (Gum Protection in Chamomile Mint), Hydra (Anti-Sensitivity in Saffron), Balance (Alkaline Probiotic pH Neutralization in Honey), and Hyaluronic (Remineralization in Aqua Mint). Each variant addresses specific winter concerns, providing a holistic approach to oral health.

Adding an unconventional touch to oral freshness, the Manhattan Mouth Spray not only ensures a refreshing vibe but also offers relief from minor cold symptoms. This unique mouth spray establishes a secret understanding with gums and the throat, maintaining pH balance and alleviating micro inflammations.

Salt goes beyond traditional oral care with additional offerings such as Day and Night toothpaste, complemented by a complimentary squeezer key for hassle-free tube usage. The range includes safe, non-penetrating instant teeth whitening and maintenance products, tooth powders, water flosser, and a sonic toothbrush, offering an exciting enhancement to routine oral care during the winter season.

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[Funding Alert] Beautywise Secures Rs 6.5 Cr to Drive Retail Growth and Innovation
[Funding Alert] Beautywise Secures Rs 6.5 Cr to Drive Retail Growth and Innovation

Indian beauty and wellness brand, Beautywise, has successfully concluded its first funding round, securing a significant Rs 6.5 crore. The brand, which already boasts a strong retail presence in over 500 pharmacies and enjoys endorsements from more than 150 Skin Clinics across India, witnessed a successful funding round led by AC Ventures, co-led by Fluid Ventures, Real-Time Angel Fund (RTAF), and GSF. The strategic investment from Associated Capsule Group (ACG), a leading provider of integrated solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, further underscores Beautywise's growth vision.

The funding, skillfully managed by Capinity Partners, is earmarked for introducing groundbreaking products in the beauty and wellness sector, expanding the team, and strengthening Beautywise's retail footprint globally. Noteworthy is Beautywise's recognition with the Estée Lauder Beauty and You award in November 2023.

Anousha Chauhan, Founder of Beautywise said, "Through Beautywise Supplements, we're pioneering a movement towards trust and transparency in nutrition. This fundraise represents a pivotal step towards realizing our vision of empowering individuals to achieve their authentic beauty and wellness through our dermatology-led, results-driven formulations."

Shreyansh Chauhan, Founder and CEO of Beautywise said, "This funding will enable us to continue developing revolutionary products and to expand our team and retail presence. It will also be used to involve conducting market research, establishing distribution networks, and implementing promotional activities to effectively reach a wider audience and solidify Beautywise's presence in the global market."

Beyond product innovation, the funds will facilitate Beautywise's retail strategy aligned with the growing Beauty Retail, Aesthetic Dermatology Clinics, and premium salons. The surge in online supplement sales, particularly in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sector, has prompted the exploration of a Business-to-Direct-to-Consumer (B2D2C) platform. This innovative approach aims to onboard dermatologists, nutritionists, and beauty professionals, providing various benefits to enhance their offerings and better serve consumers. The company also plans to utilize the funding to expand its presence in the USA, Middle East, and European markets.


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