Sustainable Fashion ? A Promising Enterprise
Sustainable Fashion ? A Promising Enterprise

SubCulture, a Mumbai-based sustainable brand launched its official online store with a novel idea to present. Founder designer Poornamrita Singh had the vision of provoking thoughts with her high-end fashion, and we can tell!

SubCulture - Fashion with a statement.

Many fashion brands evolve with statement garment pieces and claim to promote a cause. Whether we talk about furless revolutions by PETA or perhaps other positively evoking brands, fashion statements are no strangers in the industry.

SubCulture with its launch not only makes a literal statement for sustenance but also beholds the underlying message of empowering the modern woman through its fashion. Based on an approach of environmentally-friendly fashion that is also stylish, SubCulture redefines sustenance at each step. Right from sourcing the raw material to the manufacturing process, sustainable practices are adopted to embody a fashion statement of the timeless essence for the modern woman of today.

Sustainable Fashion – A Promising Enterprise

Singh presented her brand with a gen-z motto; “Our brand is committed to redefining its footprint with quality garments that support our planet. We offer pieces that embody a timeless essence for the modern woman of today”, she added.

Shop online, now with an essence of empowerment!

With their online store showcasing the latest collections and a contactless, safe delivery experience, SubCulture is now a platform to facilitate expression through fashion with a mindful approach. Their collection has also launched on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, with their signature garments creatively conveying a deep aesthetic.

Inspired by a premise of romanticism, SubCulture exhibits art, music, and literature with aesthetic elements of passion, seduction, sophistication, and creativity with immense detail. It promotes comfortable garments wearable effortlessly being minimal and sophisticated at the same time.

With a motto of empowering the modern-day woman, the style is feminine and confident with a balance of vibrant and unique elements. It further includes diverse cultures, communities, and tribes to glorify raw beauty at its best. Rarely do we find a brand that exhumes quality and aesthetic at the same time, and it looks like SubCulture is here to fit the bill!

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