Truly Desi Expands Presence in Mumbai, Offering Pure and Healthy Dairy Products
Truly Desi Expands Presence in Mumbai, Offering Pure and Healthy Dairy Products

Truly Desi, a Pune-based company, has exciting news of its expansion in Mumbai. With its expansion, Truly Desi introduces a range of exquisite dairy products to the people of Mumbai. The product lineup in Mumbai includes Gir Cow A2 Milk, Gir Cow Cultured Ghee, A2 Paneer, and A2 Kullhad Dahi. The brand is deeply committed to providing families with dairy products that are pure, wholesome, and trustworthy.

Apart from their dairy offerings, Truly Desi also offers a diverse selection of desi dairy products, along with certified organic groceries, fruits, and vegetables. With their expansion, the company aims to cater to the growing demand for authentic and healthy dairy products in Mumbai, ensuring that customers have access to a wide array of options that meet their preferences and dietary needs.

Rupali Kakade, Co-Founder, Truly Desi said, "Consumption of adulterated milk and milk products led to my daughter’s illness a few years back, and that’s when Truly Desi was born to provide pure A2 products that families can trust. With the wonderful response we have received in Pune in the past four years, we are encouraged to start our operations in Mumbai.

To manage their operations in Mumbai, Truly Desi has set up an in-house logistics and delivery team that will handle the operations from farm to doorstep delivery of all products. The team will ensure that the products reach the customers in a fresh and timely manner. The company has set a target to reach 2000 liters daily of Gir Cow A2 Milk in the next three months. The brand has been working on the operations and supply chain for the past couple of months and has received a positive response.

The awareness towards A2 milk and organic food is increasing constantly which has led people to take a step towards better food choices which aligns with our brand's vision and mission," Rupali added.  

Truly Desi will be expanding its services through online as well as offline stores. The milk subscription consumers are handled on their own application, while the brand is already available on Amazon, Nature's Basket, You Care Lifestyle, Swiggy Minis, and other online stores. In terms of offline stores, all Nature's Basket stores across Mumbai will carry Truly Desi's products. The brand also plans to onboard its products at all the premium retail stores in Mumbai.

Started by Rupali Kakade and Mohit Rathod as an initiative to provide organic products, Truly Desi now provides desi dairy products, organic fruits and vegetables, and certified organic Products. Their farm has about 100 cows and they also generate electricity with the help of its Biogas plant. Currently, Truly Desi has 10 acres of land under cultivation and is planning to expand. They also have their own in-house organic fertilizer production which is made using cow dung, cow urine, biogas slurry, and bacterial cultures and is free of any chemicals.

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