Westside Launches ‘Limitless’ Campaign in Delhi with Sameera Reddy and Sakshi Sindwani
Westside Launches ‘Limitless’ Campaign in Delhi with Sameera Reddy and Sakshi Sindwani

Westside recently launched the second chapter of its ‘Limitless’ campaign in Delhi. The brand has partnered with Sameera Reddy to champion the Limitless campaign, moreover, for the Delhi edition, it collaborated with Sakshi Sindwani to build on the messaging of body positivity and inclusivity.

The objective of this campaign is to create a community where everyone can express themselves and be true to who they are. The ladies spoke about self-love, body positivity, and shared personal anecdotes about body image. This was followed by a fashion show and a short meet and greet with Westside community and fans.

“Our campaign and podcast, Limitless is anchored by Sameera Reddy that explores brave conversations with iconic women. Hence for this chapter, we collaborated with Sakshi Sindwani, an advocate of inclusivity. Our collaboration with the two ladies was effortless as they share the same quest as we at Westside do and that is building an inclusive space for all. Our ongoing festive campaign, Everyone’s Invited – is a celebration of people aimed to spread love and fashion", said Umashan Naidoo, Head of Consumer and Beauty, Westside.

Speaking on the campaign, Sameera Reddy said, “Brands have the power to influence society. It’s amazing when a fashion brand like Westside goes beyond the norm. I feel lucky to be a part of an impactful campaign like Limitless.”

Adding on to it, Sakshi Sindwani said “A platform like Limitless acknowledges the fact that we need to free ourselves from societal standards. It reminds us that regardless of conventions – we can be our truest selves, and do amazing things.”


As a brand, Westside is highly optimistic and loves celebrating women, fashion as well as style. Post the pandemic, with the launch amidst the festive season, the brand aims to bring color to the front, bring new fabrications, and new silhouettes while celebrating the festivities.

“India is thrilled with Diwali just around the corner, and we think everybody is looking forward to celebrating this season with their friends and families wearing amazing fashion,” commented Naidoo.

Launching newness every 4 weeks, Westside believes in relevant fashion at a relevant time for relevant festivities. “We are very excited that we have a perfect edit of the right products, with phenomenal value and beautiful styling, which makes up highly optimistic and excited,” added Umashan Naidoo.

Marketing Strategy

With its overall strategy being digital, the brand believes in playing with social media in order to drive organic conversations. According to Naidoo, Westside’s mantra is to have good content that will gradually grow and to partner with people who have an intelligent point of view on content making, which is not just stylish but makes people think.

The collaboration with Sameera Reddy and Sakshi Sindwani being on the same lines, the brand looks for individuals who echo the same sentiment while celebrating the same ideas.

“Our biggest billboards are our stores, we make a conscious effort to have the right products at the right place, making sure our availability is great while ensuring overall customer experience is seamless. Every part of our lifestyle is curated and edited allowing the customers to find solutions easily,” commented Naidoo.

Options Galore

The brand states that women’s wear is an integral part of its business, men’s wear also being a strong participant, however, customers shop differently as per the seasons or time of the year.

StudioWest, Westside’s cosmetic brand provides a platform for women to use cosmetics in an effortless manner while being completely inclusive. Since the brand does not believe in dictating to its customers to conceal, cover it allows them to select products to have overall healthy skin.

“We are very thrilled about our skincare range, our brand has launched 2 new ranges, one being Vitamin C and Marine. While Marine is inspired by the goodness of the oceans and has rich seaweed and flower extracts, Vitamin C focuses on hydrating and illuminating skin making it feel supple and hydrated,” said Umashan Naidoo.

Customer Retention

With Westside’s loyalty club, WestStyle the brand offers customers content on what’s new, and what’s coming through, celebrating customer milestones. Similarly, the brand organizes events, including the recently held Women's Day event in Goa as well as the Limitless campaign in Delhi.

The brand thus believes in treating its customers in interesting ways which allow it to provide the customers with an opportunity to wear style. “As long as our stores are our billboards and as long as we are ahead of the trend and we are excited about fashion, our customers would be looking in on us,” asserted Naidoo.

Talking about the brand’s future the Head of Consumer and Beauty, Westside said that being in fashion and seriously following the trends, one is always looking out for what is emerging.

“This however happens when seasons emerge which directly is about evolving the brand and staying fresh. Thus, we are excited about what we are doing and where we are going. Moreover, we are excited that the festive season is upon us and we are excited that people want to dress up again,” concluded Umashan Naidoo.


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