4 ways allowing bars to open will help restaurants to overcome Covid-19 losses
4 ways allowing bars to open will help restaurants to overcome Covid-19 losses

There is no denying that all good things come with a price tag. So, does the government order in many states to re-open bars and permission to serve liquor. On one hand restaurants are welcoming the move and are adhering to all safety guidelines. And, on the other hand they are apprehensive if this move will last longer as the government will review the same by end of the month. Here are five takeaways this will help the restaurant and bar business to grow:

Enhancing customer experience: “Good things at time come with the conditions. While at one point we are happy as it’s very encouraging that we are allowed to serve liquor from 9th but this comes along with fear as this is temporary till 30th September to be reviewed later,” shared Vikrant Batra, Founder, Café Delhi Heights who is happy that with the precautions in place, customers have reinforced their faith it dining out at Café Delhi Heights, with drinks they are hoping to enhance customer experience further.

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Increase in APC: Restaurants have been getting call for long about serving alcohols with food as no food is complete without a perfect drink. “This brings relief as even if not customers, atleast APC will increase. It gives customer another reason to dine out. We are undertaking lot of measures to give safe bar to people. Proper cleaning of bars along with its equipment’s is our main agenda. We will be serving happiness not drinks from 9th September,” said Umang Tewari, Owner at Local bar and Liv Bar as he feels that this is finally a breathing moment.

Creating job-opportunities: The food service industry has a direct impact on the employment, which currently stands at 7.3 mn in 2018-19. Opening restaurants and bars will allow to get the bar people and service staffs back on the job. “We welcome this move as this will help in generating more employment. Bartenders and other support staff will get a chance to get their livelihood back now,” pointed Amit Bagga, Co-Founder, Daryaganj who entered into the DIY kit market during the lockdown and has plans to venture into the QSR chain.

Innovation in focus: “Permission to operate bars is one of the most soothing news in the near past. But it’s a colossal task for the bar industry to ensure that they take preventive measures to avoid spread of the virus while making, dispensing and refilling drinks for patrons who have been waiting for months to enjoy their favorite cocktails at bars in Delhi,” shared Akshay Anand of Ophelia who has planned and have started implementing measures to ensure that there no loopholes for any contamination. Apart from regular measures like wearing face masks, gloves and hand washing, the bartenders have been given a long list of SOPs to follow. All the fruits will be repeatedly washed in chlorine solutions. The bar equipments will be kept dipped in chlorine soultions of 200 PPM to sanitize after every use. “The mixologists have come up with innovative ways of serving cocktails. We are planning in serving several cocktails in one time use pouches instead of glasses. Other drinks will be covered with glass cloches and opened on the table right in front of the guest,” he added.

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Hence, we can say that this will not just boost the business by will also help the govt. to generate more excise revenue to meet the required public expenses.

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