Are resto-bars the next big thing in restaurant biz?
Are resto-bars the next big thing in restaurant biz?

Every day is a new day for restaurant business. And, to survive in this market is the biggest challenge restaurants are going through. But, do we really bother what are some essentials that make restaurants shine even in the hard times?  And, yes of course, going by the trend is what keeps industry going. And, as this generation is keen on nightlife with the busy schedules that they go through whole day, resto-bars could be the next big trend hitting industry’s growth.

“The concept is already established, people love to eat out, enjoy performances and live events,” shared, Rishi Aggarwal, Owner of The Flaming Kick.

A marriage of culture

As we are moving with global trends, resto-bars are one such culture which was present only in abroad, but gradually it has come in India in the form of bar/lounge/bistro. Also, looking at the growing population and their increasing incomes, restaurateurs decided to come up with this fresh idea that caters families, youngsters and corporate sector with good quality food and drinks.

Resto-bars are based on culture and not theme. This new culture includes enjoying delicious food with some awesome genres of music. which is loved by everyone. In addition to this, dining bistro has an extensive collection of beverages which is loved by millennial. And, hence it is giving a push to restaurateurs to gauge on the segments growth.

Moreover, these resto bars are one of the most sophisticated places to visit with friends. Technology is the foremost reason for these cafes and bars to emerge so fast. This trend also does not have any restrain of time and space, both for restaurateurs and customers.

Inception story

“Today, every person wants to open a bar or a café, with a better presentation than others. . As this is a profitable business and has a profitable future, correct vision for it is the way forward,” pointed Sourav Deshwal, Owner of Pamphilos. And, we can say new bars and cafes have emerged as one of the promising profitable businesses in recent time. Resto-bars have different  themes such as rooftop bar, hut-like entrance with good designer decor and ambience.

Like, only great food alone cannot grab customer’s attention. Restaurateurs provide platform for budding musicians and local artists to showcase their music and performance. Many new cafés provide their customers a place to jam, unleash creative talent with delicious food and a pivot point for casual gathering. 

At the same time, these restaurant’s target customers are also different. Restaurateurs mainly targets college students and young working professionals, as they love to have liquor, doing regular parties and hosting events at evenings.

And, hence we can say that we are not far from the time where we can enjoy good nightlife with some amazing food and drinks.

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