Desserts and Crepes attracting Mumbai's fast life
Desserts and Crepes attracting Mumbai's fast life

The dessert and ice cream category is gaining momentum in India with entry of global brands, sous chef, and five star properties. Since its entry into the Indian market desserts and crepes have been considerably picking up well pace in the Mumbai and surrounding region.

“Dessert has entered just one year back in India so the demand is still picking up. Even not all the items but the cakes and pastries are the one most demanded mainly by the young generation. And for desserts we don’t do marketing”, said Steven D’souza, Restaurant Manager, Caffaire.

The category is gaining momentum while making space into the much desired food list of fast moving young college goers and office going food savvy generation who largely opt for innovatively flavored Italian and Spanish palettes with elegant tastes for almost all the happy going occasions in homes and offices. 

“People are demanding elegant desserts with the change in palette from traditional to Italian. Especially the young girls and women’s prefer Italian desserts. We promote our new palettes through social media and cross marketing through collaborations with other brands”, Paul Michael, Marketing Manager, Le15 Patisserie.

Traditionally charted with other cuisine menus in standalone restaurants and five star hotels, desserts and crepes have been creating its niche while coming out and creating its own space.

“The demand is fast picking for desserts in the market. After receiving encouraging feedback from our consumers we decided to open new counters dedicated to desserts, and since then it’s been growing, we had to add more dessert in our menu”, Atul Rawal, Restaurant Manager, Soul Restaurant & Bar, Mumbai.

Mumbai has been placed with several desserts and crepes restaurants while neighboring Thane region is also emerging out as the dear one for the new age of restaurants. These restaurants have been offering desserts and crepes at the affordable costs of Rs 60 to Rs 1000. These restaurants also offer discounts during happy hours and on the occasions of birthdays and anniversaries.

Led by the new generation chefs these restaurants have been largely capitalizing on offering unique consumer experience while innovating with menus, interiors and services.

Many of these restaurants are offering seasonal signatures dishes surrounding desserts and crepes. These dishes are combined of Indian and western ingredients such as mango blush pastry, mango iced tea, mango crumbles crepe and blood orange flavored hot tea among others. 

“We strive to provide you with the Classic Crepes and features extraordinary sweet and savory delights. So far the demand is very good with all age groups”, said Terry Joy, Director, D’Crepes Café. 

Thus, we can see that with people opening up to global diaspora, the change in their eating habits and choice are changing with time, and we can see that people with sweet tooth will make the future of these outlets brighter in India.

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