Essentials of designing a kitchen
Essentials of designing a kitchen

Many a times restaurateurs focus a lot on every single pillar which is helpful in making their venture successful, but often they forget to go through a detailed kitchen designing for which he will be getting the customers inside his doors.

Areas to work upon

Kitchen management is an applied mix of resource utilisation (manpower and finance) and creative product development (concepts, menus and restaurants). It involves aspects more than management like creative conceptualisation and high levels of leadership, considering the large numbers of manpower and the varied strata and experience of the same.

“While designing my menus, I always consider the colour, texture and a perfect marriage of flavours of the ingredients. I always draw the composition of the plate in my mind, visualise the appearance, colours and flavour before putting a dish on the menu. And I try out each and every dish before it features on my menu,” shares Chef Alok Anand, Executive Chef, Taj Coromandel, Chennai. 

Kitchen designing includes all the essentials that need to be taken care of while preparing the food in the kitchen. From sourcing the right and fresh ingredient from the market, to preparing and serving the dish on the table comes under designing kitchen. Not only this, maintaining hygiene inside the kitchen and handling kitchen staff to deliver the same, is an important part of kitchen designing.

Targeting the customers

Food always involves all the senses (see, smell, touch and feel, taste, and hear – especially while eating crunchy dishes). People usually remember and visit a restaurant for its food. Hence, a good menu and excellent quality food is the major contributor in restaurant business. Quality of service also plays an important role followed with ambience and location.

Kitchen designing and menu designing is both parallel to each other, as menu is designed keeping in mind the local customers; kitchen designing is done considering the ingredients available in local market.

“I try to make the flavours as exciting and internationalised as possible because I feel that now the Indian market wants to try something new, something different,” says Prateek Mittal, Owner, Torrp-It-Up, who recently ventured into restaurant business though he is successfully running his real-estate firm.

“Kitchen designing is very difficult and tricky at times as it is about getting the right product available at your table. Many a times we are unable to deliver the same kitchen experience as we could deliver due to unavailability of certain fresh ingredients. For me kitchen designing is all about sourcing the right ingredients from the locally available source,” believes Chef Kurt Michael Nyren, Chef de Cuisine, Akira back, JW Marriott Aerocity.

Hence, to manage and run a kitchen smoothly a restaurateur and a chef must plan the day by preparing a chart mentioning details of the whole day. Working on recipes and learning the basics of cooking can help one run a kitchen smoothly. Experts believes that by being a chef one has to be confident about their creation and keeping an eye on details is key in kitchen.

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