How Aesthetic Industry is Going to Change the Future of Healthcare Business in India
How Aesthetic Industry is Going to Change the Future of Healthcare Business in India


The Indian aesthetics industry is worth $53.3 billion in terms of both service and product revenue. Over the next five years, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% and hit an outstanding $73.6 billion mark by 2022.

The power of technology and the need for beauty enhancement procedures has given a tremendous push to this industry. If truth be told, it is ultimately going to change the future of the healthcare industry in India.

Dr. Debraj Shome, Facial Plastic Surgeon & Director, The Esthetic Clinics explains in 5 points:

Entry of Specialised Players:

As the medical aesthetics segment significantly grows, there is sure to be an influx of competition, business, and investment, that will positively impact the overall growth of the industry.

The advent of specialised players, super-specialty areas, with skilfully trained surgeons & the best technological advances, will redesign a patient's aesthetic experiences. These will easily differentiate themselves & attain global acclaim, through their levels of expertise.

Well qualified, experienced and licensed physicians and surgeons will create better healthcare infrastructure in the country. All this will only accelerate the sector reach the expected mark of $275 billion at the earliest.

Innovative Techniques and Devices:

As medicine becomes more specialized with technology forming the crux of it all, diverse innovative techniques will enhance the healthcare market, in order to satiate that need. 

A surge in demand for aesthetic services and products is sure to see a tremendous influx of ideas and techniques that will also provide something extra in terms of performance and results to customers.

Aesthetic physicians will have to adapt to changing technology, otherwise, face the risk of being left behind.

India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors today and the right application of technology will not only enhance the capability but also improve the quality and efficiency of the industry.

Procedures Will Become a Norm:

This is in pretext to the fact, that gone are the painful days when a ‘botched up’ plastic surgery could be ascribed as a ‘reconstructive’ procedure, leaving the patient to deal with ugly scars for life.

The amplified need to look our very best has led to the advent of procedures that can now rectify any part of the body aesthetically. 

Whether it is an orbital surgery or facial plastic surgery for scars & post facial fractures, cosmetic rhinoplasty, laser procedures for skin care or even Botox & filler injections; people are no longer inhibited in demanding the best and an appearance which is ‘untouched’ even.

Male Indulgence in Looks Gains Momentum:

It is intriguing to share that men and women alike, spend a decent proportion of their time and effort in maintaining their appearances. 

Market data reveals that the male to female ratio interested in aesthetic procedures is 1:1 these days.  Formerly driven by the female, the industry is finding a good proportion of men keeping themselves updated and educated about treatment options, costs and the outcomes involved. The market is also capitalizing on growing their male clientele by appealing to their increased image-consciousness, through minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Hope for Several Patients Having Debilitating Acid Attacks or Even Large Cancers:

Beating some age-old myths, an aesthetic procedure is not just about enhancing a certain feature or beautifying yourself. This procedure also raises hope for acid attack victims.

Using a multitude of combinative techniques like plastic surgery, non-surgical techniques or surgical reconstruction to reconfigure a face; surgeons can notably improve the survivor's appearance. This also increases the chances of restoring their quality of life and recognition of self to a great extent.

There are now a complete array of surgeries for any abnormality affecting the face and skin care for the entire body. Such advancements are sure to put the Indian healthcare market on the global radar.

The expansive plethora of possibilities that aesthetic care can provide, to customers from urban and rural areas, is at par with the cutting-edge global standards.

Thus, Facial Plastic Surgery & Facial Aesthetics in India is evolving & expanding & this is sure to fuel the growth and elevate the future of the Indian healthcare industry in tremendous ways, for years to come.

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