How can Restaurant Focus on Continuous Growth
How can Restaurant Focus on Continuous Growth

One of the most imperative factors for human existence is growth but most of the people do not know what the way forward is. And there is no fixed way around; one has to make his own way to overcome hesitation. It is prerequisite to go out, explore and get things on your way because that is how a brand builds. One has to get his hands dirty, if not now. When? If not you. Who?

Mindset to develop for growth

Every brand and business has something smashing with it which needs to expose in front of the world and which can only be happen with growth. “The capability on an organization depends upon three virtues and the first one is resource which can be bought from anywhere, second is process, it is a method which converts resources into products and that is what we sell. The most important and third virtue is priority. When it comes to scale every promoter comes into the industry with some vision. Someone is getting into it because it is a glamorous industry and they want to be a part of it, somebody is getting in to start something of their own and somebody just wants to dive into this business because it’s intensive. At the end of the day, everyone is meeting their goals,” says Reynold Fernandez, CEO-Oriental Cuisines. Adding that the reason for not scaling the brand could be either first three things or they are over aggressive and doing things wrong.

When you start something, you should know how to take things forward to sustain the business.

Challenges with New Product

It is witnessed whenever a new product is introduced then it is more difficult to scale. With every innovation there are chances that you fail. “To scale up the business, one needs to know the market and what the local market is all about. One should take his/her time to not rush and go really slow,” avers Mihir Desai, Co-Founder- The Bar Stock Exchange.

Get Over the Fear

Anything new scares people. Do not scare of International market, there is more fear in people’s mind than in the market. “Once we get over the fear that it is not what we have studied in schools and colleges or we can just do whatever we have studied till the day and that is why we can’t get into something new. Although with Tuscana Pizza we did a lot of research and then innovated this brand. I think we are one of the few brands in the world which serves pizza on four basis and unlike across the world who serves pizza based on white flour. We introduced pizza with wheat, grain and its even gluten free on the same price. That took a lot of efforts and ruthless heart to get out of the fear and expose the brand in front of the whole world no matter what,” says Vipin Sachdev, MD at Tuscana Kryptos Restaurant. Food service sector is a glamorous industry but everything has its pros and cons. Better win the fears or prepare yourself for the cons. Mistakes could be avoided when one knows what not to do than automatically they’ll end up doing what to do. The fear has to go out. One can achieve success in any industry if there is no space for fear.

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