How Experiential Dining is Changing the Face of New Age Dining
How Experiential Dining is Changing the Face of New Age Dining

Food trends in India have changed with dining styles and concepts and customers’ have accepted all these changes happily. With fading away of luxury dining, we saw a new fad among the diners which was termed or popularly accepted as ‘experiential’ dining. One such dining was eating at a floating restaurant business in Mumbai which is not an easy task. A lot of hurdles come to the way of the owners of such businesses.

Growth of Experiential Dining

Introducing a new fad that’s rising amongst restaurants rapidly within the country is the growth of ‘experiential dining.’ This new born movement is right on top of the food chain, bringing to life experiences that the customers were always looking for. And, that’s where these restaurants at top cosmopolitan cities are coming up with such concepts.

AB Celestial

From infusing fun and food together, this novel concept aims at creating a memorable meal at the table. From architecture with contemporary and rustic twists, fluid art on a plate, captivating views overlooking the sea, serving best of foods on the cutlery and crockery exported from various parts of the world, restaurants today leave no stone unturned. The expansion of eating out to take outs today has emphasised the need to create such flamboyant experiences in order for one to be more immersive than the other. 

Creating a Picture to Plate Moment

Mumbai not only being the commercial but entertainment capital of India has seen a new wave of such themed based restaurants wash along the shore of the city from floatels, stock markets, to 3D visual story telling technology and skull mapping. May it be Molecular Mixology, Fusion Food or Farm to table. This new breed of dining bares no boundaries in order to create a one of a kind experience from business to consumer. However keeping it mind, ambience and interior plays a vital role. Restaurants today pay close attention to décor and details followed by enhancing food presentation in order to create a picture to plate moment. 

AB Celestial

You may find an eatery or watering hole spread out and across every nook and corner of the city making options endless to select from. With a range of live performances, decorative crockery, well - crafted cocktails or a Michelin star chef transporting you to the origin of the cuisine, experiential dining has become more of a movement that’s here to stay. The key to this competition would be to differentiate yourself, keeping in mind the audience the brand intends to cater to.

Also, social media has become not only a personal networking platform but also the backbone of the F&B industry- alluring one into wanting that perfect instagrammable installations and extravagant dining experience. Thus, in years to come we will see more experiential restaurants on the lines of providing not just food but fun and a memory that would last forever.

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