How This Brand is Amalgamating Health with Taste
How This Brand is Amalgamating Health with Taste

How the idea of starting a venture of your own came into your mind?

The company is in existence since past fourteen years. The brand is three years old as we were largely into export. Now considering the health aspect of peanuts, we are the creators and largest exporter of value-added peanuts from India since couple of years now. The main focus is to provide world-class product to Indian consumers. Even before starting something like this, we used to work with farmers. When Fredrick came to India, he came to my office where we shared mutual goals towards contributing for the farmers. We collaborated and this how the idea came into my mind.

How does your brand contribute for the farmers?

After the collaboration with Fredrick, we decided to have a Fredrick brand which will be making a profitable business sense with inclusiveness. Farmers will get direct benefit from the brand success. This is how we are contributing to the farmers in our own way.

What made you do something for the farmers while running a brand of your own?

After being into the same business for fourteen years now, you reach a stage where you want to do something for the society. Helping the farmers for me was my own way of returning things to the society. That was the whole idea about how can I give back to the society and I came up with this conclusion. People who really work hard should get their money. That was the thinking behind doing something for them.

Why name your brand Nutty World?

We as a company aspire to be the largest nut based company in India in the next decade. That is the reason we wanted connections with the nuts so that the whole team stays focused. That’s how Nutty World came.

Tell us something about your distribution network.

Currently, our brand is very famous in Russia. We have started with the North India distribution and are looking forward towards making it a success. We are having 22 super stockiest and nearly 80 distributors in North India. After Russia, India is the second country where we are very famous. South India will be having around 100 distributors in the upcoming time. Our aim is to have 2000 distributors in the next five years.

Who are your target group?

Urban consumers who want a quality product out of nut are our target group.

What is your expansion activity right now?

Currently, we have got one small factory in Vijayawada. We are currently planning to come up with three more factories in the future. 

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