How This Guy is Conceptualising with Contemporary and Freshly Brewed Beers
How This Guy is Conceptualising with Contemporary and Freshly Brewed Beers

The F&B industry is a fast growing market with an advent of new concepts hitting the streets every hour. Ideas like the Gastronomical pubs, Bar Exchange Concepts and Low Pricing Alcohol has remained successful in the business in the past years. Bottles & Barrels is Gurgaon’s first horizontal brew dwelling space, that houses the best Iranian cuisine in town.

In conversation with Restaurant India, Rohit Maingi, Founder, Bottles & Barrels shares the tough competition in Gurgaon, with new openings crashing in the city in every 2 days. 

What was the idea behind Bottles & Barrels?

My attitude was to work hard and party harder. When I finally came up with the idea, I had the corporate community in mind in Gurgaon which has always been a promising market, to grow your business. Bottles and Barrels have been designed as a modern day gastro pub with its contemporary décor and the freshly brewed beers.

Why did you choose Hospitality Industry or what made you shift from banking to hospitality?

Yes, it’s a challenging industry. But there is nothing more rewarding than providing people with those wonderful and memorable life experiences centered on food and drink! It is a very interactive process where you get a vast exposure to the society. There are new challenges every day; you begin to understand different people. Though a difficult industry, it’s also an industry that never dies.

What makes your brand different?

Brand definitely makes a difference. With a location like Gurgaon, the market is enveloped with gastro pubs and modern day lounges & cafes. Firstly the name itself is vintage and secondly, I concentrated more on food. For a long time, I wasn’t able to find good food being paired with alcohol. We were in no mood the repeat these mistakes and so, food became the star attraction of our brand and made us win. If the food is good, it makes even a layman to come back again for the same experience. 

We see that there is a sudden rise in microbrewery culture in India. How are you fitting it right into the segment?

In places like Pune & Bangalore, people have a bitter palate whereas In North India, people have a sweet palate. From a customer’s point of view, people with a distinctive taste falter in experimenting with new flavours. To survive and be in the market, one must know their target audience and their preferences.

How are you pairing your food right with the drinks?

While Pizza & Beer is considered to be the best combination in the world, Bottles & Barrels have come up with a specialty in Iranian cuisine that goes really well with our selected range of liquor.

People these days look for value for money option. How are you trying to fit in into the league?

With new concepts of serving the bar menu at MRP, we have entered into this league and grow on the turnaround of the customer. We are more focused on the Entertainment for our customers.

How do you see the business grow in Future?

I agree that it’s an extremely volatile business, but the right concept and operational efficiencies can, in fact, withstand the test of time. The best part of all is that we are living in the age of technology, and, like most industries, utilizing new technology can directly address the business challenges laid out here. With the proper tools and inventory management, you now have the ability to strengthen your operations and identify your weaknesses before they become a problem.

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