Indian Food Apps that Gained Popularity and Won Big Funding
Indian Food Apps that Gained Popularity and Won Big Funding

India is channelizing more and more of its focus on career. Everyone is precisely focused on shaping their career and have little or no spare time to regularly indulge in three-course homemade and healthy meals. The hiccups of daily cooking get even more challenging for professionals and students, who are moving out of the comforts of their homes and residing in a different state and city. Making lives easier for the busy bees, came in several food tech startups with their apps that respond to your hunger growls, no-cooking and sick days.

The easiest and fastest ways that all the food-tech startups adopted to become household names are through appealing offers, discounts, cash back, flexible payment modes and fastest deliveries. But which are the ones, which have made it big in the food-tech industry? Here is a list of few of the top food tech startups that are taking the Indian market by storm.

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Average Rating on App Store: 4.3

One of the most favourite food apps, Swiggy has been an instant favourite. Founded by Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majety, Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company that caters foodservice solutions for restaurants. The app connects its customers with the several restaurants and food joints and makes it easy to order food with a few clicks. Founded in 2014, the company has already bagged a total of $1.5 billion in massive funding.

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Average Rating on App Store: 4.3

Known for being hyperpure, the Bangalore based startup provides more than doorstep food delivery. The brainchild of Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato offers its customers a full range of services for the entire food value chain that includes doorstep food delivery, takeaways, restaurant table bookings, etc.

Zomato made headlines last month pertaining to its latest endeavour of implementing drones for its food delivery in hands with Tech Eagle Innovations. It has a much longer presence in the country since its inception in 2008. The food-tech startup has come a long way and has reportedly managed to fetch $653.8 million of funding for the business so far.

Fresh Menu

Average Rating on App Store: 4.2

Founder and currently the CEO Rashmi Daga established Fresh Menu in 2014 and since then it has successfully raised $24.4 million funding through its app.

Following Zomato, it is reported that Fresh Menu might soon follow a ‘farm-to-farm’ model.


Average Rating on App Store: 4.2

Laying the bricks of foundation in 2012, Anshul Gupta and Amit Raj co-founded the Mumbai headquartered Box8. The food delivery startup has spread its roots to Pune, Gurgaon and Bangalore, and has already risen total funding of $12.1 million.


Average Rating on App Store: 4.1

The first brick of foundation of Faasos was laid by Jaydeep Burman and Kallol Banerjee in 2011. Standing in 2019, the online food ordering company has come a long way, managing to raise $103.7 million in funding over eight rounds and is currently available across 15 cities in the country. Latest reports also indicate that the Pune-based food-tech company is eyeing global expansion in 2019. Dubai is one of the countries that are listed on its cards of future expansions, where the online food delivery company will supposedly start three of its kitchens.

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