IRCTC's Zoop Achieves 20 Lac Train Meals, Sets Sights on INR 50 Cr Revenue in FY 2024
IRCTC's Zoop Achieves 20 Lac Train Meals, Sets Sights on INR 50 Cr Revenue in FY 2024

Train travel is renowned for its affordability and comfort has undergone a transformation into a culinary adventure in recent times.

Supported by initiatives like the IRCTC ecatering policy and partnerships with esteemed providers such as Zoop, passengers now enjoy a diverse menu for IRCTC food orders.

As outlined in the IRCTC Corporate Plan for FY 24-28, catering services contributed 27% to the revenue in FY 22, second only to internet ticketing. Notably, the demand for online food orders surges during peak periods such as holidays and festivals, highlighting the increasing popularity of dining on trains.

With the market predicted to grow at an impressive 30% CAGR from FY 23 to 28, expected to reach INR 1,845.76 billion by FY 28, the sector presents substantial growth opportunities.

Zoop, the foremost authorized partner of IRCTC for ecatering, commenced operations in 2016 with a commitment to provide fresh, delectable, and hygienic meals aboard trains.

Aligned with its vision, Zoop has collaborated with IRCTC to enrich the convenience of train travel by introducing onboard food delivery services, proudly serving as IRCTC's ecatering partner.

Currently, Zoop generates a monthly revenue exceeding INR 2 crores and delivers 60,000 meals each month, with a remarkable 400,000 meals served in the last quarter alone.

With a presence at over 180 train stations across India, Zoop reached a significant milestone by serving 2 million train meals in 2023.

In 2023, Zoop implemented a range of innovative strategies that significantly boosted its growth and revolutionized the travel experience. These initiatives comprised:


  1. Hindi WhatsApp Chatbot - Zoop, in partnership with Jio Haptik, rolled out WhatsApp Train Food Delivery, accessible in Hindi and Hinglish. This novel service aimed to simplify the process of ordering train food, reaching a wider audience through a user-friendly WhatsApp automated Chatbot.


  1. Google Chatbot - Zoop introduced the Google Chatbot service tailored to train passengers, facilitating food delivery on trains. By searching "Zoop" on Google and selecting "Chat," passengers can seamlessly place orders, monitor their PNR status, and manage orders directly via the chat interface.


  1. Instagram Chatbot, Ziva - Zoop also launched a food ordering service through Instagram, leveraging the popular social media platform. This innovative initiative enables train travelers to easily order food using their Instagram account with just a few taps.


  1. Pay At Delivery Payment Option - In collaboration with the online payment platform Simpl, Zoop introduced the 'Pay At Delivery' payment option. This feature allows passengers to pay for their orders only upon delivery, eliminating the need for upfront payment.


"We began before food delivery services were even available for trains. Partnering and aligning with the IRCTC ecatering, our goal has been to deliver hot, fresh and hygienic meals from FSSAI-approved restaurants directly to train seats. With 20 Lac train meals served in FY 2023, we now aim for a revenue of INR 50 Cr for FY 2024. We're expanding our operations to more train stations across India and targeting availability at 250 stations by year end." said Puneet Sharma, Founder of Zoop.

Furthermore, Zoop provides 24/7 food ordering options, including pre-ordering, group orders, and specialized dietary selections such as Jain and festive cuisines, sourced from a network of over 2500 FSSAI-certified restaurants.

In addition to food services, Zoop offers functionalities like PNR status checking, platform locating, train schedules, and coach position tracking, simplifying passenger inquiries and improving food delivery convenience.

With the Railway Ministry's initiative to replace pantry car services on 300 trains with AC-3 tier coaches aimed at boosting revenue by Rs. 1,400 crore, and meal services transitioning to base kitchens, e-catering, and train-side vending machines, Zoop pledges to ensure smooth food ordering and delivery for train passengers, accommodating their diverse preferences effortlessly.

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