Is Pan Asian delivery ventures making big in India
Is Pan Asian delivery ventures making big in India

As Indians are continuously experimenting with food, it has become an integral part of the conducive business in the country. We see people travelling a lot these days in search of good food and experience culinary repertoire of regions and nations pushing a region wise food trend in the country. Gone are the days when Asian food was limited to Chinese cuisine, restaurants today are offering much more than Chinese and Japanese. Pan Asian cuisine is the new wave in the market with speciality restaurants breaking all food myths. This has pushed a new trend in the industry giving a way to lots of Pan Asian food delivery online place opening up. Cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai has already witnessing this change but smaller cities are also joining the bandwagon and setting up speciality delivery places.

Why delivery?

Kula Naidu who was one of the first entrepreneur to set up this trend by setting up only delivery places Asian Haus and Sushi Haus in Delhi four years back today see the great potential for the segment and feels happy to see the awareness of comfort asian food growing in the market. “We realized there are a large demand for delivery and the scarcity for good comfort Asian Food. Our focus is on emphasizing the experience of food delivery and extending it towards a complete brand,” added Naidu who believes that Asian food has a large popularity and is well understood by Indian customers. Since, there haven’t been any places that cater in the same capacity as us, it was our calling. With Italian food, it’s unexplored territory, he further pointed.

Similarly, Joseph Cherian who has spent a substantial time in Asian countries working as CEO of GFA Global and Papa John’s India, he always enjoyed Asian flavours and always dreamt of bringing those flavours back to India. He together with his friend and chef Nabhojit Ghosh under Love Food Ventures Pvt Ltd started 48East which is marked by a multiplicity of regional and ethnical influences. The start-up is representing foodies trail from around 48 countries.

“I spent most of my working years in Asia and Middle East and always felt the need of gourmet Asian food home delivered in India during my stay in India. What is typically available in India for home delivery were home grown Indo- Chinese brands. In addition to the Indo-Chinese food, Asian food was typically a Thai Green curry or red curry, Malaysian, Singapore noodles etc,” shared Kurian who thought of bridging this gap.

Getting the right raw materials

Asian food is all about the complex flavours. Hence, getting the best raw materials is the important aspect of this cuisine. Though, with modernisation and global trade some ingredients can be sourced locally but for few one need to get it flown from their home location to meet the authenticity of that land.

“We have tied up with various suppliers to supply us with both locally sourced and imported ingredients. We need to import some of the items to ensure authenticity of the dished,” added Kurian.

Sharing on the same, Naidu pointed, “a lot of the raw materials required are available in Delhi. Supply does end at times and we can’t do much about till new stock arrives. We deal with vendors who import these raw material from Thailand and Japan majorly. Sourcing is a lot easier in Delhi as it’s the capital.”

And, as we see this trend catching up fast with new players venturing in the space, a lot more focus is showered on presentation and delivery of the food. 

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