Savour The History With India's First Anglo-Indian Themed Restaurant
Savour The History With India's First Anglo-Indian Themed Restaurant

Indian food is known across the world for its sheer variety and is characterized by its elaborate use of different ingredients and cooking techniques. But little do we realise that many of our acclaimed cuisines are a by-product of our unique history. 

Throughout the 18th and 19th Century, British and other European settlers would often be enthralled by the spectacular assortment of food and spices from the myriad regions of the Indian subcontinent. The flavours were exciting and the aromas enchanting, unlike anything they had ever tasted before. But to be truly palatable to most British settlers, these centuries-old recipes needed to be 're-imagined' with a little bit of good old British 'flavour fundamentals'. 

Here lay the foundations of what we now know as 'Anglo-Indian' cuisine, a hallmark of India's culture of acceptance and co-existence. 

Serving English Meals with Indian Flavours 

Photo Credits: Anglow Restaurant, Khan Market in Delhi

The British essentially mellowed down and anglicised certain Indian dishes with acceptable levels of spice and tweaked some of their signature English meals with Indian flavours. The resulting cuisine was relished in formal settings and on evenings when English Sahibs, Indian Princes and bejewelled ladies would gather together to enjoy the finest whiskeys and wines, and the elaborate and extensive menus each night, prepared laboriously by the cooks were only outdone by others the next night. Their fare was honed to perfection at quintessential colonial institutions like gentleman’s clubs, railway kitchens and Army messes. 

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The newly-opened Anglow, India's first Anglo-Indian Themed Whiskey Bar and Kitchen, embodies the spirit of this culture for its sentimental patrons who still reminisce about the glorious days of the British Raj. Situated in central Delhi's Khan Market (often compared to the famous Regent Street in London), Anglow is the brainchild of Ajit Singh and Arpan Gupta, two seasoned restaurateurs who have curated a one-of-a-kind Anglo-Indian dining experience. Anglow goes beyond its exquisite food and whiskeys, it's a deep dive into our shared cultural history and the way it shaped our cuisines of today, a unique tradition handed down over generations. 

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Photo Credits: Anglow Restaurant, Khan Market in Delhi

Anglow pays tribute to the Khansamas, the Indian cooks of the Memsahibs of the British era. Inspired by the tales of well-kept secrets of the Anglo-Indian kitchens that only a few from the previous generations have managed to keep alive, Anglow promises to bring us the stunning flavours from our past in a setting which is inspired by the grandeur of our colonial heritage. 

The Menu at Anglow Restaurant 

Offering an array of options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners, the restaurant specializes in distinctly Anglo-Indian fare ranging from our beloved Shami Kebabs, to the dish that became legendary among European settlers here in India, the Railway Mutton Curry, which incidentally was inspired by and first served in the first class compartments of the then British Indian Railways. The kitchen also serves up a popular Anglo-Indian dish that owes its origins to a north Indian staple we all know as Khichri, made to include a few 'western-world' herbs and ingredients like parsley and flaked fish and lovingly called Kedegree by its growing base of fans back in England.

From Devilled/Scotch Eggs, Assorted Roasts, Soups to Dak Bungalow Curry and various mains like Country Chicken Stew, Vindaloo and a wide variety of desserts like Tipsy Pudding and Crème Brûlée, Anglow will take its patrons on a culinary sojourn set in the backdrop of 18th and 19th Century India. 

Photo Credits: Anglow Restaurant, Khan Market in Delhi

Anglow is more than just about its food, it's about bringing an important piece of history to the present and serving it on a platter for you to savour. 

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The Beverage Menu 

To complement this one-of-a-kind food experience, Anglow offers a carefully curated selection of single malts and wines to ensure that even the most rigid connoisseurs end up with a sly grin of satisfaction when they enter the elegant surroundings of Anglow. 

To further complete this enchanting journey back in time, Anglow boasts of a bar that has a vast collection of single malts, wines and cocktails ranging from classics such as The Gibson, GNT (Gin and Tonic) and Sidecar to the in-house Signature cocktails like Anglow Spice, King’s Derby and Coffee Train, to name a few. The world of Anglow is set against a backdrop of retro numbers and classic hits to tap away in true Anglo Indian spirit.  

Ambience and Decor of Anglow 

The setting is elegant and posh, evocative of Drinking Parlours and Clubs of colonial India with memorabilia predating Independence, collected and unassumingly displayed for the keen observer. Anglow exudes old-world charm fused unequivocally with present-day India to bring forth a wholehearted celebration of our rich Anglo-Indian cultural inheritance.

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