This Brand's Unique Combo Concept Is Set To Disrupt the Fast Food Segment
This Brand's Unique Combo Concept Is Set To Disrupt the Fast Food Segment

Kerrimo is the pioneer in the Philippines in franchising the food and drink in one cup concept i.e., the food and drink are put together in one carry-all cup so that the consumers can enjoy just carrying both in one hand. 

The fast-food brand Kerrimo was first introduced in 2007 but it was acquired by our company named Kerrimo Inc, in 2011, and we grew it from there, Armee M. Lanto, International Franchise Marketing Head of Kerrimo tells Restaurant India. In the Philippines, there are more than 100 stores, at present. Through FranGlobal, Kerrimo is looking to establish a good strong franchise network in India.

Venus Barak, CEO, FranGlobal mentions that a brand like Kerrimo will have a huge acceptance in India considering the small store format and easy-to-consume products which could be a great hit at cinemas, metro stations, railway stations, airports and local markets.

In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Armee M. Lanto, International Franchise Marketing Head of Kerrimo and Engr. Edmund T. Lanto, President and CEO of Kerrimo speak about the brand’s growth plans in India.

Indian Industry in the Fast Food Segment

The various food options in the market have led to a rise in the demand for newer and sustainable products. “The Indian market is open to international food choices now. India is very rich in its culinary history which we think we can infuse in our concept. We are very excited on how we are being introduced to the Indian food market,” says Armee M. Lanto, International Franchise Marketing Head of Kerrimo.

The Unique Combo Concept

Speaking on whether the unique combo concept will disrupt the fast food segment, Armee says, “Hopefully, in a good way.” “Our concept provides convenience along with the flexibility in serving the combos. Right now, Kerrimo offers french fries, sausages, nuggets but here we will serve items that are familiar to Indian palate - paneer, soya, and biryani,” adds Armee.

With Kerrimo, Armee and Engr Edmund are planning to open a new door of employment opportunities in India. Edmund T. Lanto, President and CEO of Kerrimo, says, “Keeping our core values intact, with our brand, we aim at providing employment, and business development opportunities in the Indian market.”

Expansion Plans in India

“We are starting off with major areas - Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, areas in Maharashtra and Bengaluru - as has been identified with FranGlobal,” says Armee.

She further adds, “We are very happy to see that many franchise applicants are excited to get associated with our brand. In the next five years, we are focusing on not less than 100 outlets pan India. We are very positive in that.”

Competition in the Indian Market

Armee tells Restaurant India that Kerrimo is the only player with such packaging in the industry segment in the country at present. “In terms of packaging, we are the only ones in India. But in terms of food, local fast food and snack joints, as well as bigger fast-food players, are our competitors,” says Armee.

Through its unique packaging, Kerrimo intends to create a new market segment in terms of the combo of food and drink. Armee says, “Indian market is familiar with the French fries and potato products but the way we present the food is something very unique and we hope that Indian market, especially the younger generation will appreciate it.”

The desire to eat healthily is growing and gaining popularity in India. Therefore, with Kerrimo, Armee and Edmund plan to keep the health quotient balanced in food. “Our R&D team is working on developing healthy food products. In drinks, we intend to serve organic and fresh options to cater to the specific market who demand healthier products,” informs Armee.

Franchise Strategy in India

“With the help of FranGlobal, we are looking at developing the area master franchise or area development partners. We have identified the key areas and are looking for the franchise partners for the same. We will put up our own store and recruit more franchisees to develop in that specific area.”

Franchise Selection Criteria

Apart from the basic franchise business experience, Armee says, “We are, specifically, looking for the individuals who have passion and dedication to develop the brand and move to a higher level. We are looking for someone who would take Kerrimo as their own and would put not only their resources but even themselves to the development of the brand.”

Franchise startup Investment

For the unit franchisee, the start-up investment will be between $20,000-25000, affirm Engr. Edmund and Armee.

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