"We are Bringing Customer's Loyalty"

How did you come up with this concept?

We are Tech Company focusing on the restaurant industry and our core focus is to empower restaurants, handling them the control of their customers. Most of the restaurants are losing customer loyalty now days maybe because of third party aggregators and similar tech platforms. We did an extensive research in this field and realised that there is a huge gap that needs to be filled. For sustainable business, restaurants really require customers’ loyalty and that is what we are trying to build. We have kept our products simple so it does not complicate users. The simpler the product is, the easier it is to the client and consumer.

How is your product different from others?

EatRepeat is a white-label restaurant app developing venture that is exclusively dedicated to boosting restaurant’s businesses while doubling the profits and maximizing customer loyalty. It strategically tackles the most crucial problems of restaurants today: merging with food aggregators, delivery companies, wallet companies etc by offering a single multifaceted platform. It is a micro CRM platform that provides restaurant owners with personalized branded (Android and iOS) apps. These customized apps encompass the restaurant's’ trademark while allowing owners to send out notifications, promotions and offers as and when they feel like.

How do you sell your product using technology?

We provide restaurant owners with their own merchant app that allows them to receive orders from customers directly, track the number of times a customer has placed orders, and send out push notifications, loyalty programs, promo codes and more. The discretion is entirely in the hands of the restaurant owner. It also comes with a dedicated phone number that tracks and monitors calls from customers, for an enhanced experience. Also, technology is the new trend. People want convenience at the moment and that is what taking the game over because they don’t have enough time to spend on going outside and have a meal. It is basically a shift that people want everything on their fingers.

What are your expansion plans?

Established in 2017, EatRepeat in the present scenario operates in the cities of Pune and Dubai with an extensive clientele. As of now, we are evolving our product only; we are working on a model if a customer books a table through the app, he/she would be able to have a 3D look of the restaurant.

How do you see the competition?

Competition is always there but we don’t see them as direct competitors. We are totally different as it is a unique concept where restaurant owners can edge over their competitors by presenting a full-fledged customer-centric application that majorly cuts down on third party commissions. With a full-stack technology platform that builds Android and iOS mobile apps with efficacy, it helps restaurants manage and leverage technology to boost their businesses using their very own, personalized Android or iOS apps. This process is totally different from other app providers in the market because we simply do not charge commission on restaurant’s profit; we have a monthly rental model. Owing to our B-to-B model for restaurant/business owners, we have come to be known as a comprehensive online platform simplifying the processes of ordering and delivering food and conglomerating all elements on a single database. Customers can order food from anywhere, at anytime.

How do you see changing market segments affect Food Industry?

Food Industry always keeps on evolving and there’ll be new evolutions soon which are good for this sector. It is a huge market and everyone is welcome but only the one who focus on service and quality will survive in the game.

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