We do around 350-400 orders daily- Bueno Foods
We do around 350-400 orders daily- Bueno Foods

Being an IIT alumni, what made you to come up with the idea of online food ordering store? How do you consider this business?

The business got started by me and my partner. We were always interested in doing something of our own which was not just interesting, but also socially relevant, so we found food as an area with most impact as well as it is most relevant for us.  And hence, decided to go with this business.

What was the initial investment and how did it happen?

The initial investment was around 70 lakh. It was all from our end only with the help of our family, friends and promoters.

You have around 400 options in menu. How do you maintain the consistency and authenticity of each of the item served?

We have very high quality chefs in our team who have a long- term experience with Oberoi’s, Intercontinental etc. They are only responsible for maintaining consistency and authenticity of all the foods served.

You serve around seven different cuisines. Do you have specialised chefs for each cuisine. How difficult it is for you to manage them under one umbrella?

It is not at all difficult for us as all our operations are driven by the needs and likes of the customers. Today, every person has his own particular likes in terms of cuisines, so we don’t want a group of people ordering food with us to stick only on one single cuisine or food. Moreover, the experience of our chefs and the time and management helps us to do these things together with ease.

Can you tell us the elements you kept in mind while designing the kitchen to meet both these requirements?

There are two main points which we keep in mind while designing the kitchen, one is proper space and options to keep the food ingredients fresh and safe and another is to make sure that the food should be prepared in the minimum possible time without affecting the product quality and all this is done by our chefs with the help of some professionals.

What are the products that you use in your kitchen?

There are more than a thousand products which we use in our kitchen. We possibly use the best quality ingredients and equipments; also, we have a lot of international products we get supplied from the importers directly. We get most of our products from NCR only, but we are also directly linked with some importers who help us in getting the products from outside India.

Is there any special type of packing you use to maintain the freshness of the food product till it reaches the customer? From where do you get these packing materials?

We don’t use any special kind of packaging as we supply it within 15 minutes once it gets prepared. Within 15-30 minutes, it reaches the customer where the customer has to consume it within one to one-and-a-half hour so it does not require any special kind of packaging. For packaging, we keep in mind the basic things that it should be hygienic, of best possible quality and food grade.

What has remained your most successful marketing strategy? Currently, what strategy you are following?

We try to provide quality and toothsome food to the customer so that he/she should come again and again, apart from that we use promotional offers from time to time. Our most successful promotional offer was food at one rupee which we did for two days. Sometimes we tie up with different brands and names also to promote our name and products.

How many food orders you get daily? What is the annual turnover?

We do around 350-400 orders daily and the annual turnover is around 1-1.5 crore.

Are you looking to enter into the franchisee model of the business?

Yes, we will surely go for it as we want to maintain hundred percent quality of our product, but right now we are not working upon this, but we will definitely do this later.

In which other cities will we see Bueno Foods serving in the next 2-3 years?

In next three years we will be in the top ten cities which will include NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Calcutta and Pune.  

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