Why This Restaurant Believes In Changing Menu Fortnightly
Why This Restaurant Believes In Changing Menu Fortnightly

How did food happen to you?

A man is what he eats. There is nothing else in this world that stimulates all our five senses.  Given the diversity, you could go on eating new cuisines everyday yet require 12 Lives to live to taste all the varieties available. And by then I am sure we would have explored more cuisines.

What was the whole idea providing consulting to restaurant brands?

I believe managing and operating a restaurant is an art. Having an educational background along with work experience with some of the most renowned brands in the industry like the Marriott group helps other restaurant brands in their growth. Hence, we as a hospitality company started taking up management for restaurants apart from our owned ones.

How is your service unique from others in the industry?

We believe in creating a human touch in everything we do. Our company offers a complete set of services required to run a restaurant or a hotel and with a bunch of young minds and experienced teammates, thereby making us unique.

When did you think of opening your own restaurant?

Having our own restaurant was always on my mind. However; in the beginning of 2017 I worked upon my dream project which had its own unique concept which involved a good amount of research work and a well experienced team. Once everything amalgamated we opened our first restaurant in May 2017.

How much money you have put in to come with this concept?

Well, the key is that you invest only the amount you are sure to get the return of. Feasibility study has to be very important. If you ever want to calculate a rough approx just multiply your sq. ft area with INR 8000. You should get an estimated figure to begin your work with. But remember, location is the most important thing here.

You change your restaurant menu every 14 days with one international and one Indian cuisine. What is the idea?

Mondo Fine Dine being my first restaurant, I wanted to have a unique concept which would educate people about various international cuisines. Hence, we started with the concept of changing our menu every fortnight.

How much do you believe in local and sustainable eating?

Firstly both the terms are not same. We use a lot of local vegetables which are bought and sold to us directly by the agri community from the forests. Have you ever tasted a smoked bamboo or something which is called chicken spinach? I believe more than anything, the ingredient has to be sustainable, cause remember everyone will taste it in the future.

What is your favourite part of playing with flavours?

I love breaking the flavors. It takes a lot of patience to find out the complimenting flavours which help in breaking the flavor. One has to keep in mind that he cannot play with the texture of the key ingredient of the star of the dish. He could end up finding a new complimentary flavour all together. As once we mixed Kafir Lime, Curry leaves and Sugarcane to create the highest selling drink of MONDO.

What trends you see going forward that will disrupt the food biz?

Molecular, Nitrogen foaming and Fusion. These started with complimenting flavours and now the texture and state of the dish is first decided before deciding the dish. I believe that ingredients should be given respect. They go through a lot before reaching your table.

What is your expansion plans?

I believe in moving forward slow and steadily hence, we are expanding slowly and shall be announcing about the same soon.

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