World Food Day: 6 Key Learnings from Top Restaurateurs to Incorporate in your Biz
World Food Day: 6 Key Learnings from Top Restaurateurs to Incorporate in your Biz

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16 October. The day is dedicated to create awareness about the importance of healthy diet, and highlight the challenges faced by millions of people across the globe due to lack of access to healthy food. The main purpose behind celebrating Food Day on a global level is to promote policies and programs for eliminating hunger to ensure that the upcoming generations do not face food related issues and malnutrition. Restaurant India spoke to some of the top restaurant and food entrepreneurs from across India on the key learnings that these people have over the years while running a successful restaurant business.

Never Ever Compromise on Quality: When we talk about healthy diet, food safety and wholesome food, the most important aspect of a restaurant business that comes to our mind is ‘quality’. According to, Vishal Anand, Founder, Moonshine Food Ventures, food industry is ever evolving and moving forward at a fast stead pace. “The most important learnings I have taken from my years in this industry are that never ever compromise on quality. Always use the best quality and fresh ingredients and ensure you always give your patrons a wholesome experience,” he added by pointing that it is important to innovate but it is even more important to not digress from the authenticity of flavours and preserve the uniqueness of every dish.

Commenting on the same, Harsha Vadlamudi, Cofounder and Managing Partner - Ironhill India said, “Unwavering commitment to quality is non-negotiable. Regardless of the customer's expenditure, quality is a universal priority. As a brand, it is imperative to consistently uphold the highest standards in all facets of the business – from the food served to the ambiance of the establishment and the quality of service provided. This unwavering commitment to quality is not only a hallmark of professionalism but also a key driver in retaining a loyal customer base.”

Customer is the King: No matter how good you are in the business, if your customer is not happy and satisfied, your business will not survive in the market. “The first major learning that I’ve got from the food industry is that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Serving good quality, tasty food and great service go hand in hand in ensuring customer satisfaction. Also constant innovation is important to keep the customer engaged and ensure their return,” pointed Vikrant Batra, Cofounder, Dhansoo Cafe, Gurugram. 

Diverse Culinary Experiences: Sharad Madan and Naresh Madan, Co-Founders, Khubani, Delhi have learned that the restaurant industry is not just about serving food; it's about creating a holistic dining experience. They emphasize that a diverse culinary experience, which includes a blend of flavors, ambiance, and service, is what sets a restaurant apart. This learning has driven them to curate menus that cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that there's something for everyone, and to create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters memorable moments for patrons.

Constant Adaptation and Innovation: Sharad and Naresh have learned that staying relevant means being open to change, whether it's experimenting with new dishes, adapting sustainable practices, or embracing technology for efficient operations. They believe that innovation is not just about following trends but also about setting them, and they continually seek fresh and inventive ways to enhance the dining experience for their customers.

Respect your Time: In the realm of the Food and Restaurant Industry in India, though people focus on many fundamental principles but everyone forget to mention the most important aspect of running a business, ‘Time’. According to Harsha Vadlamudi of Iron Hill India, “An entrepreneur's dedication to respecting time is a pivotal aspect. Time is a valuable resource, and in the world of business, punctuality and respecting the commitments made to others are essential. For entrepreneurs, demonstrating respect for everyone's time is not only a mark of professionalism but also a testament to one's reliability and integrity. It fosters trust and bolsters relationships, both of which are integral in the restaurant industry.”

Know what’s Trending: “It is important to recognize that the palate, trends and requirements of the consumers keep evolving over time. Till a few years ago, the only people who avoided sugar were diabetics, but now fitness enthusiasts, especially GenZ and Millennials, try to keep Sugar and sodium levels to a minimum and consume as healthy as possible. Foods and Beverages with higher sugar content may taste better but GenZ and Millennials are ready to forgo them for healthier options. Such trends like healthier foods and Vegan friendly-options are accelerating and the F&B industry needs to offer these in their menu to cater to the growing audiences,” commented Abhishek Sarwate - CEO at Utopian Smoothies.

The Food and Restaurant Industry in India demands a steadfast commitment to quality and an unwavering respect for time irrespective of the country you are in. Embracing these principles not only elevates one's brand but also paves the way for long-term success in a competitive and dynamic market. These key learnings reflect their commitment to providing a diverse and innovative culinary journey for their patrons while adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of the food and restaurant industry.

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