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In today's retail, inside-store operations are greatly supported by technology. Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Signage, VM and Store Designing are all coming under this section. The articles here take up these topics.

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In today’s digital world where humans and technology-powered systems interact in more connected and intelligent ways, enterprises that strive to achieve future growth realize that it is critical to lead with digital innovation to keep up with the expectations of an increasingly discerning end user. Those who don’t move fast

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Over the years, the concept of shopping has undergone a sea change in terms of consumer buying behaviour. Increase in disposable income, brand consciousness, development and modernization of infrastructure have played a major role in defining the changing dynamics of the retail industry. Over the years, it has become important for

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For a country that has 390 million smartphone users and over 400 millennials what works to pull online consumers to offline stores? Better displays, discounts or simply new-age retailing methods? Even when the stores are tech-powered, how do you ensure there are high footfalls? Studies now reveal that empowering a store for the new-age

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SAP has partnered with Globus, one of the leading fashion retail chains in India, to accelerate its growth by transforming operations with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. The implementation will create an omnichannel retail for the brand through seamless integration on the cloud. Deploying SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will also help Globus

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At offline stores, chatbotsor bots are guiding customers to the right section, right shelf in order to help them find their pick. At web portals, these bots are even making salon appointments, giving beauty tips and selling insurance policies. But what happens when these chatbots and humans work in tandem to achieve a

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As customers’ in-store expectations continue to grow, brands must not only meet their immediate needs (in other words, sell products), but also build a long-term relationship. Hence, the role of retail store is quite decisive  as per the study conducted by Salesforce ‘Shopping First Retail Report’ following

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Have you ever tried on jewellery without walking into a store? Fashion tech start-up StyleDotMe has launched a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality (AR) tech platform for jewellery called mirrAR. Shoppers can now try jewellery on digital platforms of client brands, including iPads installed at various locations, without actually having

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As per the annual report released by Inditex, the parent company of Zara, Massimo Dutti amongst others has shown the commitment to offer its customers a shopping experience that meets the highest standards. In order to achieve the same, the company is working towards newer projects and technologies which are vouched to  offer

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Not so long ago, when Amazon Go was introduced, it was said that the next wave of retail experience had taken over the world. Customers walking to a store, picking up their purchase and leaving without having to stand in long queues to pay bill was every consumer’s dream come true. But back home in India, although many retailers

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Consumers today are highly awareof fair trade practices and the truth about the claims that retailers make about their merchandise. The new age omni-channel customer is conscious, more informed and demands authentic and ethically sourced products than ever before. This leaves retailers with no choice but to improve their visibility

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In an exclusive conversation with Shibin Chulliparambil, ‎Head of IT,  ‎Mafatlal Industries Limited sheds light on the digital transformation strategy.   What has been Mafatlal's growth y-o-y?  Mafatlal has achieved 11% compound annual growth rate over the past five years (2013-2017)  At

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Global fashion retailer Guess has partnered with Alibaba to launch a new concept store which is enabled with artificial intelligence (AI). The store has been launched in Hong Kong, taking in-store shopping experience a step further. This tech enabled fashion boutique fashion boutique is the latest example of Alibaba’s New

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Being a retailer try to imagine the frustration of the customer who walks through the store to find a product which is ‘out of stock’ at that particular time or a beautiful piece of fashion garment lying on the table but the customer is not been able to find her desired colour or size, and ultimately opt to buy a similiar

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Physical retail helps in cultivating the direct and meaningful relationships with the customers. Since, online is spreading its wings so it might not be much favorable time for physical retailers. But, the existence of physical retail in the long run can’t be questioned. A study from McKinsey predicted that by 2020, more than 80%

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Retail, one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries in India accounts for more than 10% of country’s GDP. A lot of developments like 100% FDI in online retail of goods and services, the rise of digital retail channels supported by rising incomes, favorable demographics, entry of foreign players, knowledgeable buyers, and

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