{D2C 100} Truly Desi: Alternative to Adulterated Dairy Products
{D2C 100} Truly Desi: Alternative to Adulterated Dairy Products

Co-founded by Rupali Kakade and Mohit Rathod, Truly Desi’s main objective is to find an alternative to adulterated dairy products in the market. It is an initiative driven by Gau Eco Gram Agrovikas Producer Company Limited with the objective of selling organic food products, grown by farmers from rural India with complete traceability and quality assurance.

Currently bootstrapped, 70 percent of the brand’s sales come from online channels. Truly Desi deals in desi dairy A2 products, certified organic groceries, and residue-free fruits. With its omnichannel distribution strategy, the brand has served more than 5,000 customers.

Committed to developing a sustainable system, the company intends to generate electricity through excess biogas, and later focus on fertilizers and pesticides also to be made of cow dung and cow urine. The brand also plans to enter the superfoods industry.

“In the long-term, our objective is to get into agro-tourism and traceability, where all of our products will have a QR code. Customers can scan the QR code and receive all the details about the farm, the health and diet of the cows along with their mental health as well as details about all other products available to them,” said Rupali Kakade, Co-Founder and MD, Truly Desi.

The brand currently has a pilot in process for fruits and vegetables, along with setting up a franchisee of Truly Desi. Also, the brand will be adding a range of new products to its portfolio. With only one company-owned retail store, the brand plans to expand all over Pune and Mumbai through the franchisee model.

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