PUMA India’s Fusion of Innovation and Success in Sportswear
PUMA India’s Fusion of Innovation and Success in Sportswear

PUMA India has emerged as one of the most innovative brands in strategic collaborations in the world of sportswear. The brand has partnered with designers, artists, esports teams, motorsports, among others, to create limited edition and unique collections that resonate with the ever-evolving consumer base in India.

PUMA has ingeniously crafted special collaborations both globally and locally, such as the Fenty x PUMA collection launched in collaboration with the popstar Rihanna or the One8 men’s collection with the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. These collaborations have helped the brand establish both global and local connections to not only expand its footprint but also gain market share in India. PUMA has also released limited-edition collections in collaboration with Dua Lipa and Neymar Jr.

According to filings with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), PUMA India's income rose from Rs 2,044 crore in FY21 to Rs 2,980 crore in FY22. Footwear contributed 60 percent of the total sales revenue, while apparel contributed 35 percent, and accessories contributed 5 percent to the brand’s overall revenue.

Surge in Demand for Limited Editions

PUMA teamed up with “SpongeBob SquarePants” for creating products in collaboration with the Nickelodeon series and Paramount Consumer Products. Featuring designs for adults and kids, the collection includes a suite of PUMA sneakers paying homage to SpongeBob and Patrick.

Shreya Sachdev, Head of Marketing at PUMA India, stated, “We have seen a surge in the sales of our limited-edition sneakers and other collections that we launch in collaborations. People want to collect limited editions and the newest drops. Such collaborations were earlier popular in the West but came in full throttle in India. Our collaborations, such as with Sponge Bob, Pokemon, and high-end street wear designers, among others, have worked differently across our categories and are always in high demand.”

Elaborating on collaborations with celebrities, Sachdev said, “Our recent collaboration with Virat Kohli to create the brand One8 signature line brought Virat's vision of colours, fabrics and designs that he enjoys wearing, to his fans. Such high octane collaborations enable fans to enjoy wearing products liked and made by their favourite celebrities.”

Localizing for the Audience

PUMA India collaborated with homegrown footwear and jutti brand Fizzy Goblet to launch a capsule sneaker collection for women, elaborating on local collaborations, Sachdev said, “When we see local opportunities that are relevant for our consumer segment, we do bank upon it. We are big believers in localizing for the audience, and we are probably the foremost brand that has done more local collaborations across the board so far, and that is the intent in the future as well. If something works for the Indian market and is specific for India, then we would definitely look forward to exploring it.”

Significant Market for Motorsport Products

India has a significant fan base for motorsport, with the first Indian Grand Prix held at the Buddh International Circuit, Noida in 2011. Last year, MotoGP Bharat was hosted in Delhi, receiving an overwhelming response from Indian fans. Globally, PUMA entered into a multi-year partnership that will see the sport and lifestyle brand produce F1 licensed apparel, footwear, and accessories and will exclusively sell F1 and team merchandise at a number of Grand Prix races.

Elaborating on the motorsport deals with PUMA, Sachdev said, “We have had partnerships in motorsports for many years, and this is our USP because no other competitor is into such collaborations. India is one of the top countries where motorsport accessories, apparel, and footwear sell heavily. Our motorsport products are in the premium range in terms of price point and aspiration. India is doing well for PUMA as a brand in terms of motorsport products that we offer.”

PUMA’s commitment to innovation, style, and sustainability through collaborations continues to drive its success and reinforces its position as a go-to brand for those seeking a perfect blend of fashion and function in their sportswear.

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