We will Introduce Culinary Havens to Newer Markets: Renaud Palliere, CEO of The Luxury Collection, PVR INOX
We will Introduce Culinary Havens to Newer Markets: Renaud Palliere, CEO of The Luxury Collection, PVR INOX

Building upon the success of upscale cinema experiences and fine dining/resto bars like Directors Cut and HOME in Delhi, PVR INOX recently introduced Gatsby's Bar in Mumbai, offering a seamless fusion of gastronomy and entertainment. The luxury arm of PVR INOX is now all set to introduce these culinary experience across newer markets in India.

Gatsby’s Bar being the first cinema in India to feature an F&B menu meticulously curated by four esteemed celebrity chefs Mayank Tiwari, Yutaka Saito, Sarah Todd, and Vicky Ratnani and award winning master mixologist, Santanu Chanda. These collaborations have further enhanced the credibility of Gatsby’s Bar.

In an in-depth conversation with IndianRetailer.com, Renaud Palliere, CEO of The Luxury Collection, PVR INOX, shared insights into the inspiration behind introducing fine dining/resto bars at their luxury cinemas and the rationale behind the expansion of the luxury category in India. Palliere said, “Gatsby’s Bar reflects PVR INOX's commitment to enhancing and reimagining the out-of-home entertainment experience and building social spaces where people can unwind, engage, and interact. It is the launch of the company’s second resto-bar in Mumbai after the successful concept, HOME, in Delhi.”

Enhancing Convenience 

Explaining the benefits of such collaborations, Palliere said, “Our patrons seek to extend their socializing after enjoying a movie. We aim to introduce a fine dining/resto bar within the same premises to enhance convenience for our audience. This high-end establishment not only broadens the scope beyond cinema but also positions PVR INOX as a comprehensive lifestyle destination, offering entertainment and dining.”

He further stated, “This aligns with the commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences within the PVR INOX Luxury Collection. Gatsby’s Bar caters to a discerning audience, fostering increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The collaboration with renowned chefs and mixologists adds credibility, while themed nights and curated evenings generate excitement, publicity, and positive word-of-mouth. With its chic ambiance, stylish interiors, and carefully curated experiences, Gatsby’s Bar reinforces PVR INOX's status as a premium brand, encouraging repeat visits and solidifying a lasting positive brand reputation.”

Expanding the Horizons

Gatsby’s guests have been particularly impressed with the welcoming ambiance characterized by retro-inspired aesthetics featuring symmetrical designs, exuberant forms, rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent details. Elaborating on the expansion plans, Palliere said, “Building on the success of Gatsby’s Bar in Mumbai and HOME in Delhi, we recognize substantial potential to extend these culinary havens to more locations.”

He further added, “The positive reception and popularity of these establishments in their respective cities have provided a strong foundation for expanding our footprint and offering diverse and acclaimed dining experiences to a broader audience. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of introducing these exceptional culinary destinations to new markets, catering to varied tastes and preferences across different regions.”

Growth of Luxury Brands Category

According to a report by Bain and Company, India’s luxury market is expected to grow to 3.5 times the current size and reach the US$200 billion mark by 2030. The number of ultra-rich grew 11 times in the last decade in India, making it the third in billionaire population globally after the US and China in 2021, as per the Wealth Report 2022 by Knight Frank.

Explaining the growth of luxury categories in India, Palliere said, “In recent times, we have witnessed a substantial upswing in the expansion of luxury categories in India, underscoring a pronounced shift in consumer inclinations towards upscale options. This discernible trend can be attributed to a flourishing economy, complemented by a concurrent increase in per capita income, empowering individuals to pursue more refined out-of-home leisure activities.”

He concluded by saying, “Multiplexes, with their multifaceted offerings and the added allure of diverse fine dining restaurants boasting varied menus, have emerged as attractive destinations for individuals seeking to experiment. This evolving landscape is characterized by a growing preference for premium and luxury screens, reflecting the aspirational values and discerning preferences of the evolving consumer base in India's dynamic market.”

Gatsby’s Bar is located beside the newly inaugurated 6-screen luxury cinema, Maison INOX at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai. HOME coexists with Director’s Cut, the foremost luxury cinema format in the country. Gatsby’s Bar draws obvious parallels with The Great Gatsby film, in that one can discern common themes of lavish gatherings, social mingling, and a palpable sense of luxury.

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