Actor Vidya Balan Partners with Sleepfresh Mattress
Actor Vidya Balan Partners with Sleepfresh Mattress

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its brand presence and advocating for the importance of quality sleep, Sleepfresh Mattress, a renowned integrated mattress manufacturer, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Bollywood icon Vidya Balan.

The collaboration with actor Vidya Balan, a household name in Indian cinema celebrated for her on-screen talent and commitment to holistic well-being, marks a significant milestone for Sleepfresh. Through this partnership, Sleepfresh aims to leverage Vidya's widespread popularity and influence to underscore the significance of restorative sleep.

Raunak Agarwal, Executive Director of Raunak Coirs Limited, the parent company of Sleepfresh Mattress, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Vidya Balan to the Sleepfresh family as our Brand Ambassador. Vidya's dedication to excellence, combined with her grace and charisma, perfectly aligns with Sleepfresh's ethos. We believe her involvement will play a pivotal role in establishing Sleepfresh as the preferred choice for consumers seeking unparalleled comfort and quality sleep experiences. When two reputable brands unite, extraordinary things happen."

Vidya Balan also shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "Just as I carefully choose film roles, I am selective about the brands I endorse. Quality always takes precedence for me. I am excited to partner with Sleepfresh Mattress, a brand that shares my belief in the transformative power of quality sleep. After long days of work and travel, a rejuvenating night's rest is essential for my overall well-being, and I advocate for prioritizing sleep quality. I ensure I achieve deep restorative sleep, and I look forward to collaborating with Sleepfresh to raise awareness about the importance of choosing the right mattress and achieving the restorative sleep we all deserve."

Established as a brand under the esteemed Raunak Group, Sleepfresh Mattress boasts a legacy of over 25 years in the mattress industry. With an extensive presence across the country, including a network of 1500+ retailers, 40+ exclusive stores, and a thriving online platform, Sleepfresh is committed to providing premium-quality mattresses tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers nationwide. With manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the country, Sleepfresh has the capability to deliver exceptional sleep solutions to customers in major cities across the nation.

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