Gaming Meets Wildlife Conservation, Zynga Partners with BBC Earth
Gaming Meets Wildlife Conservation, Zynga Partners with BBC Earth

BBC Studios and Zynga have announced a collaboration with BBC Earth for an in-game integration inspired by stories in the new series, "Mammals," from BBC Studios' Natural History Unit and Zynga's interactive gaming franchise, "Words With Friends."

In a groundbreaking move, the popular word game "Words With Friends 2" will showcase a special feature dubbed the "Mammals Word of the Day Takeover." This innovative integration aims to immerse players in the captivating world of wildlife, with an emphasis on the remarkable adaptability and resilience of animals in their natural habitats. As the broadcast of "Mammals" expands to additional countries this summer, players can anticipate an enhanced gaming experience with tailored challenges and rewards, providing a unique insight into the fascinating realm of wildlife.

Scott Alexander, the series producer of "Mammals" at BBC Studios' Natural History Unit, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are delighted to partner with Zynga on their 'Words With Friends' game and bring our content to a new audience across the globe. This collaboration offers players the exciting opportunity to engage with the captivating stories from our series in a fun and educational manner."

Yaron Leyvand, Executive Vice President of Games at Zynga, echoed this sentiment, commenting, "We are very excited to celebrate the premiere of BBC Studios' 'Mammals' and to introduce this iconic series to our 'Words with Friends' community worldwide. The integration of wildlife-themed content aligns perfectly with our mission to entertain and educate players through immersive gameplay experiences."

Highlighting the significance of the subject matter, Leyvand added, "The ability of mammals to thrive and adapt in diverse environments is a timely topic in today's ever-changing ecosystem. Through this collaboration, we aim to engage our players in a meaningful dialogue about the importance of conservation and biodiversity."

Scheduled to premiere two decades after the acclaimed documentary series "Life of Mammals," the new BBC series, "Mammals," promises to captivate audiences with never-before-seen behaviors and insights into the world's most successful animal group. From the diminutive Etruscan shrew to the majestic blue whale, "Mammals" will unveil the secrets behind their evolutionary success, showcasing their remarkable adaptability, intelligence, and social dynamics.

This collaboration between BBC Studios, Zynga, and BBC Earth marks a significant milestone in combining entertainment and education, leveraging the immersive power of gaming to promote awareness and appreciation for the natural world. As players embark on their virtual journey through the animal kingdom, they will not only be entertained but also inspired to become advocates for wildlife conservation.

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