Major League Table Tennis and Bally Live Forge Global Partnership for Sport's Innovation
Major League Table Tennis and Bally Live Forge Global Partnership for Sport's Innovation

Major League Table Tennis (MLTT), the pioneering professional table tennis league in the USA, is pleased to announce a strategic licensed content distribution partnership with Bally Live. Recognized for its innovative co-ed team format and the introduction of the "Golden Game," this collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in MLTT's ongoing mission to revolutionize the landscape of table tennis. The association with Bally Live is set to amplify global exposure and fan engagement, further cementing MLTT's role as a trailblazer in the modernization of table tennis.

Flint Lane, MLTT Founder, and Commissioner expressed, "MLTT has swiftly injected table tennis with a renewed, inclusive perspective, showcasing a spectacle of speed, strategy, and team-based competition. Teaming up with Bally Live expands this vision globally, presenting our captivating matches to broader audiences through the exciting Bally Live app."

Mitch Rubenstein, Vice President Production and Content, added, "MLTT has rapidly transformed table tennis. With Bally Live, we're thrilled to exhibit MLTT's engaging, innovative content, including the unique 'Golden Game' concept, to a worldwide audience."

The partnership offers fans and enthusiasts:

  • Live Streaming: Immediate access to live matches, including the riveting "Golden Game."
  • Exclusive Insights: Behind-the-scenes glimpses into MLTT's strategies and personalities.
  • Worldwide Audience: Expanding MLTT's reach to a global fan base.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Comprehensive coverage of events, player stories, and key moments.

Embracing the slogan "Think You're Good?"—MLTT invites fans and players to participate in a dialogue, fostering a community that revels in the strategy, skill, and excitement of professional table tennis. Together, MLTT and Bally Live ensure that every pulse of the vibrant, competitive table tennis world is just a click away.

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