iD Fresh Unveils Brand Campaign TransparenSee, Celebrates World Idli Day
iD Fresh Unveils Brand Campaign TransparenSee, Celebrates World Idli Day

iD Fresh Food observed World Idli Day by launching its exclusive live-streaming campaign, TransparenSee. The campaign gave thousands of viewers from various parts of the world a real-time, unfiltered view of the world's largest battery factory for an hour-long session.

Last year, on World Idli Day, iD Fresh Food unveiled TransparenSee to celebrate the first anniversary of its fully-automated and state-of-the-art factory called Giant Home Kitchen. The factory is located in Anekal, Karnataka, and occupies 80,000 sq. ft. As part of this year's campaign, the CEO and Co-founder, PC Musthafa, along with the Chief Manufacturing Officer, GLN Murthy, hosted a live session from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. The viewers had the chance to witness the entire process of making their preferred idli and dosa batter, from the raw material feeding section to the soaking and grinding area, packaging segment, and finally, the fermentation/chilling area leading to the cold room.

The duo was happy to answer questions posed by online viewers about the origins of the factory, the machinery used, supply chain challenges, hygiene standards, and sustainability initiatives, to name some. iD Fresh has also initiated factory visits since last month for schools and colleges and going forward this is going to be a fortnightly tour.

PC Musthafa, CEO and Co-founder, iD Fresh Food said, “Given last year’s awe-inspiring response, we were keen to make TransparenSee an annual campaign to commemorate World Idli Day. It was not just about 25 crore views – though it’s a huge number – that the campaign garnered over a period of five days last year, but also about the enthusiasm, excitement, and engagement that it inspired. This year too, we celebrated the love of food – traditional Indian food, made with love.

iD Fresh’s biggest USP is its 100 percent natural, homemade preparation style, without any chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. And that the products are made in Giant Home Kitchens, not laboratories, bringing together the finest ingredients, the latest technology, and traditional recipes in a world-class, pristine, and hygienic environment. 

GLN Murthy, Chief Manufacturing Officer, iD Fresh Food noted, “At iD Fresh, our love for traditional Indian foods is powered by innovation. Premium ingredients are soaked, ground, and mixed with our state-of-the-art machinery to create the healthiest idli and dosa batter. TransparenSee is a great initiative that gives our consumers a virtual tour of the entire batter-making process at our Grand Home Kitchen.” 

Since its inception in 2005, iD Fresh has received massive customer love that has translated into unrelenting trust and loyalty over the years. The Bengaluru-based brand’s marketing campaigns are renowned for putting the consumer front and center. TransparenSee is a fine example.

Rahul Gandhi, CMO, iD Fresh Food, asserted, “From creating a new product category – idli and dosa batter – in a 50-sq ft kitchen in Bengaluru to revolutionizing the fresh food industry in India, iD Fresh has always made sincere efforts to be responsive to consumer needs. Our marketing campaigns are a reflection of the values that drive the organization. Without 100 percent transparency and honesty, how can there be trust and loyalty?” 

Over the last 18 years, iD Fresh has built an inspiring ecosystem where happy, loyal customers are the biggest brand ambassadors. The much-loved fresh food products and direct marketing campaigns pave the way for a healthier, happier world! 

Currently, the company caters to over 45 cities, across 35,000 retail stores in India, UAE, and US. The Bengaluru-based brand’s extensive natural and healthy product range currently comprises Idli and Dosa Batter, Rice Rava Idli Batter, Malabar Parota, Wheat Parotta, Sandwich White Bread and Wheat Bread, Homestyle Wheat Paratha, Wheat Chapati, Soft and Creamy Paneer, Creamy Thick Curd, ‘Squeeze and Fry’ Vada Batter, customized blends of Instant Filter Coffee Liquid and Instant coffee powder.

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