John Jacobs Unveils Virtual Campaign 'The Surrealist Edit'
John Jacobs Unveils Virtual Campaign 'The Surrealist Edit'

John Jacobs Eyewear has launched its virtual campaign called The Surrealist Edit. This campaign comes at the cusp of a new era for John Jacobs and paves a path for the brand’s endeavors in the virtual world. 

Striking an ever-optimistic point of view on the future, the campaign follows the paths taken by pioneering characters in fantastical landscapes. The Surrealist edit mirrors the legacy of technological innovation, cultural breakthroughs, and societal reforms coming together in the age of information.

Apeksha Gupta, CEO said, “We’re all creating and expanding a virtual world online with every passing second. The Surrealist Edit is our nod to winds of change and a move towards a more tech-oriented direction for John Jacobs. Headed towards a major transformation in the way we shop fashion, we’re envisioning the future of eye fashion like it’s never been done before. Our virtual characters reflect this change-making attitude, and a drive to build a brighter, more diverse tomorrow.

Through the journey of each character, the brand has highlighted the potential of humanity’s adaptability, street-smartness, and sheer ingenuity. The campaign entails 16 3D characters, named after John Jacobs' bestselling products, who are deploying future savvy jobs to make this world a better place. This diversity of the characters also signifies the world of innovative fashion which is built on inclusivity, representation, and tech savviness. 

Sumit Chawla, Head of Marketing, John Jacobs stated, “John Jacobs captures the future of eyewear, with a larger-than-life Surrealist edit. Designed with an inclusive and detailed approach, this virtual, online campaign opens itself up to fresh possibilities that would not be possible with a physical campaign. Get ready to foray into more futuristic expeditions and view a surreal world through JJ lenses.

Owing to the forward-thinking concept of the campaign, the brand also collaborated with India’s first virtual influencer, Kyra. In the video, Kyra is seen cruising through the landscapes of John Jacob’s Surrealist world, interacting with change makers, and witnessing the future of eye fashion. The collaboration has garnered 7.2 lakh impressions in the last 10 days.

Himanshu Goel, Business Head at TopSocial India added, “The synergy between the Surrealist campaign and Kyra’s profile is unrivaled. Kyra just like the surrealist edit embodies the utopian future of endless possibilities, blending the boundaries between real and virtual and consequently spearheading the future of fashion.

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