VAHDAM India Celebrates International Turmeric Day on October 08, 2022
VAHDAM India Celebrates International Turmeric Day on October 08, 2022

Global wellness brand, VAHDAM India is celebrating the world’s first-ever International Turmeric Day which will take place on October 08, when people around the globe will celebrate the powers of the golden spice.

Turmeric is not just a spice but a superfood. A superfood that does so much that VAHDAM® India decided to dedicate an entire day to celebrate the way it deserves. The idea behind it is simple: to bring a dose of holistic Indian wisdom to the world by adopting turmeric into everyday lives.

Bala Sarda, Founder, and CEO of VAHDAM India, said, “Turmeric has the magical power and the ancient wellness wisdom we all need at this age and time. It can calm you, soothe you and make you happy. Above all, we believe it can heal you. It’s important for us to accept, know, celebrate, and talk about turmeric when addressing our everyday health and wellness concerns.

With a global schedule of events taking place in the US, UK India, and Canada VAHDAM® India has themed its first-ever International Turmeric Day ‘Heal with Turmeric’, to further popularize and raise awareness of the healing benefits of Turmeric. 

VAHDAM India has planned healing zones across the globe in New York (Times Square), London (South Bank), and Delhi (Select Citywalk) on October 08 to celebrate the day which is open for everyone to experience and enjoy. Retail stores in London and Toronto will host Turmeric pop-ups for customers. The brand has curated a special song on the occasion known as ‘Heal with Turmeric’ which will be available on Spotify. 

50 of London’s iconic double-decker, red buses will be announcing International Turmeric Day on routes throughout London for a fortnight, raising awareness of the spice. Turmeric Times, a digital newspaper exclusively curated for this day will also be available on the brand’s website. Additionally, over 1000 influencers globally will be participating and celebrating the day, digitally. The brand has planned for a whole lot of activities on its website and social media that include giveaways, turmeric travels, turmeric DIY videos, recipes, blogs, educational Videos, and more.

Post-pandemic, people have shifted towards a healthy lifestyle across the globe and have adopted Ayurveda in some form as a lifestyle. A major component of Ayurveda has been Turmeric due to its diverse nature and wide spectrum of advantages. It's spotted everywhere from beverages to skin care, spices, personal care, edibles (ice cream, cakes, yogurt, popcorn, sweets, cake icing, cereals, sauces, and gelatins), and much more.

India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of Turmeric in the world and dominates the world production scenario contributing 80 percent of the world’s turmeric production and 60 percent of the world’s exports. Turmeric of Indian origin is known as the world's best Turmeric due to its high curcumin content - The key active ingredient of Turmeric, is responsible for its multiple life-enhancing properties.

Bala added: “India is a magical land. From the world's finest teas, delectable spices, and enriching Ayurveda, to the healing art of yoga - all originate from our magnificent country. By establishing International Turmeric Day, the idea was simple: to bring to you a dose of holistic Indian wellness wisdom by adapting turmeric to your everyday life. So we are calling out to all turmeric lovers and believers to spread the word and express their love for all things turmeric. Happy International Turmeric Day, everyone.

VAHDAM India offers a wide range of certified organic, vegan, Turmeric-based teas, lattes, instant premixes, and elixirs. They blend premium-quality Indian Turmeric, considered to be the best in the world, with other time-honored healthy superfoods like Ginger, Ashwagandha, Moringa, and an array of spices and herbs that are 100 percent natural, pure, and caffeine-free. 

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