Chef Thayanithy Tells Why Alfresco-style Cafes Should Avoid Complex Cooking Techniques
Chef Thayanithy Tells Why Alfresco-style Cafes Should Avoid Complex Cooking Techniques

Chef Thayanithy, Sous Chef at the Signature Club Resort, has over 14 years of culinary experience with a penchant for gastronomical experiments. His passion for great food has only made him a thorough individual who understands customers' appetite; cooking wholesome, healthy and well-presented meals, which are the two most important ingredients of a successful chef.

In the past, he was associated with leading hotels and brands namely, Orange County Resort and Black Thunder Resort. Additionally, he has also served as an executive chef in 'DFAC B6.2 T-IRAQ' and Head Chef in C3PO International Foodservice in Afghanistan. His experience of serving the US troops in the Middle East makes Afghani and Middle Eastern cuisine his forte.

In an interview with Restaurant India, Thayanithy, the Sous Chef at the Signature Club Resort, talks about the future of the new dishes at restaurants in the country. 

Three Interesting Things in the Restaurant Industry 

Over the course of my journey, there are many new findings that I have come across, to name a few: 

New innovative and path-breaking cuisine - This will always excite the guests to try something new. If we are able to incorporate these innovations into our cooking styles, then it's well and good. 

Exotic and new ingredients - With the discovery of more new ingredients and experimentation with new spices and flavours, and mixing the various regional cuisines to create something new, I am sure, in the future, we will see more new dishes. 

Health and diet conscious recipes – In today's world, as everyone is becoming more health conscious and fitness enthusiasts, the use of fresh and organic ingredients is on a rise. Now, deep-fried food is not much preferred. People are moving into more fresh juice and other healthier options. 

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Menu Planning for an Alfresco-style Café

Since an alfresco-style café is more of a casual and outdoor type, hence, people visit it to have a short bite and a good time with friends, family and talk and laugh over things. 

So a menu for this style should include short eats, not something that is heavy, have more variety of beverage available and also choose the food type that will get you into a relaxing mode. The food type should be plain and simple with the use of fresh ingredients and not too much of a complex cooking method. 

Retaining the Originality 

The key is to retain the true essence of Middle Eastern flavours by using only authentic and home-grown middle eastern spices, condiments and other key ingredients. Using native cooking methods also plays an important role in preparing authentic middle eastern cuisine and retaining the originality. 

Familiarities between Indian and Afghani Food Culture 

The Afghani and Indian food cultures are quite familiar. Most of the Indian cooking style is influenced by the Middle East from the time of kings. 

So the similarities lie in the use of ingredients, the spices used for marinating and for the use of gravy, are similar. The cuisines made in both places use fresh cream and curd in the cooking methods; tandoor clay pot is used for tandoor items. 

With regard to rice items, the dum-style of cooking for biryani and pulao remains the same for both the regions.

Strategy to Get Repeat Customers

We at Signature Club Resort, focus on customer service, this includes making the food as per the guests' requirement - vegan, vegetarian or dietary restrictions. And, maintain consistency over the course of time.

Adding Truffle oil and Bhooth Mirch as New Ingredients on the Menu

I always try to experiment with new ingredients to see which foods and ingredients will match well and give a unique taste. 

To name a few: Use of Truffle oil for exotic salads, Saffron for sweet and desserts, Pine nut and Ariobrio rice for risotto and Bhooth mirch for someone who likes a bit more spice to their food.

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