Creating a Story around Food
Creating a Story around Food

There are moms, there are super moms and then there is Celebrity Chef Amrita Raichand. She is one of those few glamorous moms who makes healthy and tasty recipes and can even make "Karela" look like a cake. Amrita Raichand has been spreading her magic in the culinary world with her popular TV show "Mummy ka Magic" and her you tube channel "Being Amrita: Chef and Beyond". A doting mother to a 10 year old, a perfect homemaker, a loving wife and a caring daughter whose prime focus is to make healthy food with an interesting twist.

How would you like to define experience?

Experience comes out of story and I believe in creating a story around food for the person having it. It is something customers can take back home creating a long lasting effect. Usually what happens with food is customers come, eat and go. Of course, they remember the taste of food but if there is a story around it then they’ll hold it for a longer time.

How do you pour experience in your recipes?

I create experience for children because they are the biggest target when it comes to food. Now days we are involved into fine dine and catering to old people or even youngsters for the matter of fact. We don’t realize that we are somewhere getting lost in the foundation of the people who are going to grow up to be these people you’re catering to. Children food is not really focused these days and even they got used to it because for them experience of food is junk food. Restaurateurs serve regular food and think that they are done with their responsibility but it does not really end there. So, I try and create experience for children at home with simple ingredients and ways but it looks exotic to any child whether it’s taste, presentation or music.

How it is to blend creativity and innovation?

One doesn’t need to blend them together because they are already blended. Creativity leads to innovation and it is impossible to gain any experience without this combination. I always amalgamate taste and health through my passion and love for cooking.

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