Delhi Gets First 100% Raw Vegan Cafe
Delhi Gets First 100% Raw Vegan Cafe

Nut & Bowls is Delhi's first 100 per cent vegan café and juice bar, which is launched with an idea to serve clean, plant-based food that is healing to the body and soul. The 15-seater café is known for offering scrumptious fresh food to gastronomists and vegans prepared in olive oil and protected from all types of chemicals and preservative agents.  

The menu at Nut & Bowls is designed in a very simple-yet-interesting way that anyone and everyone can go through with ease. The menu-mix is amazing; toasts are everyone's favourite, almond milk is the best available in the country, and coffees are organic and made from almond milk. Loaves of bread are freshly done and on every fresh morning, people can relish amazing sugarless desserts and they literally die for ice creams. Nut & Bowls is the paradise of vegans where they fall in love with nature and maintaining harmony with birds and animals. 

Surruchi Joshhi, her husband Nikkhil Joshhi, the head chef at Nut & Bowls, and Mayank Gahlot are the brains behind the vegan cafe. Their motive is to spread awareness and inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, and more compassionate lifestyle through veganism. 

Mayank Gahlot,Nikkhil Joshhi and Surruchi Joshhi. Founders of Nut and Bowls Cafe.

In an interview with Restaurant India, founder of Nut & Bowls, Surruchi Joshhi, talks about the first raw vegan café in Delhi. 

How did you come up with the concept? 

Nut & Bowls is Delhi's first raw vegan cafe and food company where we produce everything fresh every day and serve the Plant-Based goodness to our customers. Our focus is on serving natural food provided by Mother Nature without any chemicals or preservatives with the right balance without compromising on taste.

Chef Nikkhil who is also the owner of Nut & Bowls has always been into cooking clean food and preparing smoothies at home and so tasteful that they were not available in the market anywhere and then came a time when he got aware of Veganism and about the health benefits of eating a Plant Based diet and living a cruelty free life. 

He traveled to different countries to pursue his passion and became a certified raw vegan chef and saw that the awareness is so high that he decided to take charge of it and spread awareness about Veganism and start his own cafe and food company so the vegan products are easily available in the market and you have got a cafe that is 100% vegan. 

Whenever we used to go out to dine, everywhere in Delhi we saw a section of vegan food with 4-5 options and that's about it and that gave a wrong impression that vegans only eat salads which we broke after introducing a full-fledged vegan menu from fresh fruits smoothie to pasta and burgers to ice creams and vegan cakes that everyone is crazy about it now. 

Nut and Bowls

What were the mistakes you might have made while drafting the plan for your restaurant?

We researched for a long time, for about 2-3yrs before launching the brand, so we knew the market and we were clear about our expectations and sure about our idea of doing something good with the right intentions.

How important is the location of a restaurant business? 

Location location location! That is the key to win. Before opening your restaurant, you should be clear to whom you are planning to cater.

What are your growth and expansion plans for Nut & Bowls? 

The next step is to launch our products in the market and open the next branch of Nut & Bowls. There are a lot of investors who have shown interest to invest and open a branch but we are looking for the right person who actually loves the brand more than the money.

What is the average per month footfall at your restaurant?

Well, it's been only 3 months to the opening and on average we are catering to a few hundred. 

What does the road to profitability look like?

Frankly, this business model where everything is based on dry fruits and organic produce and keeping the costing in mind, the margins aren't very high. Also because in India, the organic products are available at an extremely high cost and our country doesn't think before eating or buying anything from the market. Every packet you buy from the market has chemicals to store them for a longer period of time. We need to be more aware of the food we are eating and live a conscious life.  So currently at this time, this business is only for someone who wants to promote the idea of Veganism and do something good to the society. And with more demand for organic products, the supply will happen in lower pricing.

What do diners prefer more from the menu of Nut and Bowls?

Our customers love smoothies, almond mylk, Buddha bowls and our burgers and their meal always end the Deep Dark Chocolate cheesecake.

How do you see the vegan food trends in Delhi?

Well, I will say that it is definitely progressing but at a slow pace but with more awareness about Veganism in the market, it will go up and we like to say that Veganism is the future and we as humans living on this planet have to take responsibility of our actions. What you buy, what you eat, what you wear, your lifestyle is either doing good or bad to the planet.

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