"Fast Filling Restaurant Looking Forward For Franchisee"

The Back-story

I’m from finance background; we have been in this business since eleven years. Being a foodie since childhood, it was always a passion. I was always interested in doing something with food. Once we have generated funds, we took our passion to the business. The concept of food was never commercialized. For me, it’s more of like I want world to taste every best dish possible and feel good about it, even in my worst time I would have established a ‘Pav Bhaji ka Thela’ and people would relish it. That is how we started and there was never look back.

The Inspiration

My journey in food industry was more of like a twist in my life. I was on complete bed rest for six months during my finance business. Since it was a revenue based market, my earnings started draining. It was on my bed when I was thinking if there’s any business which I pass on to my legacy even if I fell sick or in any mishap. I thought of creating my own brand, explored the food world and hit it.

The Response

I was lucky to get the perfect location for my restaurant. It’s around corporate area and being a vegetarian restaurant people took us in arms. That was the initial taste of success and the ride is still going on. We give a feedback form to our customer and we instantly get the review if they liked the food or not which help us in improvising. And if any customer didn’t like the food or service instead of bribing the customer with free meal; we offer them our best signature dishes. That is how we take care of our very special customers.

Efforts put into

It is difficult to quantify because we are generating money and investing back to our restaurant making it more happening. But initial capital was about six lacs.

The Changing Market Segments

Food is evolving in India, we are expanding. Since we are travelling more, we are experimenting with food. Other brands are coming to India and they are creating their own market. Definitely the change is inevitable and it is coming for good.

The Menu

Our concept was all about Street Food for example, Pav Bhaji and Chhole Bhature, never gone to mainstream a la carte menu. But now we have also introduced Chinese Cuisine and some fusion dishes. We are very experimental with our card.

The Hurdles in Starting Up

There’s a lot in F&B sector. But people should only enter this entry if they are passionate about it and not because it is a glamorous industry. Either it could take you to heights or make you fall on to the ground. We did a lot of analytics and number churning before taking a holy dip into this industry. A lot of people don’t realise that they could be flown away or drown away, they put money and behave impatiently but food industry takes time to grow.

Expansion Plans Via Franchisee

Yes, we are looking for spaces but our criteria are very rigid as we are actually focused about what we want. We want to open more stores with one carpet area to give it a cozy comfortable ambience. We have looked some properties in Ranchi and other areas. We have a franchise model and we are looking forward for it if we get mindful person sharing same passion for food. Also we prefer a local who is willing to invest in for franchisee.

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