How This Kitchen Is Satiating the Country's Palate
How This Kitchen Is Satiating the Country's Palate

The Journey

The journey started in 2009 when we first opened our Country Kitchen in the Garden of Five Senses. The place was so inspiring in itself that everything emerged from there gradually. Also, we are fortunate to have nature at our place as we started growing up our own herbs which inspired us to develop our own USP. Most of the herbs which we use in our food are from our premises. Thereafter, we felt that chefs were really inspired by this ‘farm to fork’ concept and they started to create things which made our restaurant completely different from others. In the last few years, our venue has diametrically changed. It started with classic food and now has become contemporary inspired by our in- house recipe creations.

The Difference

We stand out from others in the market because we are the only restaurant which is positioned under Italian and Indian cuisine respectively. We are not fusing the food; both the foods have got their own identity. But when someone is inside the restaurant, they have the option to order either one of them. And, we believe in contemporary instead of classic and that is what our food depicts. People love walking in to our restaurant and relishing both the cuisines at one place. It is a fine dine restaurant with casual eating.

The Challenges

There are restricting factors such as concept. It works very well with the large areas but if I’m doing smaller restaurants then I’ll be going single cuisine.

Getting the Right Raw Materials

We strictly don’t believe in centralizing things. Both our restaurants are individually supplied by the vendors. Our purchase department constantly visit them to explore things for constant improvisations. Also, they do random audits to check the quality.

Marketing it Right

We believe a lot in social media and that is our first priority to market. Then we have our massive database to rely on plus constant interaction with our guests sort things out.

Making of the Brand

From Country Kitchen, we have evolved into a Cook House in Nehru Place which is relatively a new concept compared to the previous one. Now from here onwards, we are going to the roots of smaller restaurants. Earlier, we were doing two cuisines but that is the requirement of a big size restaurant and now we are going to expand in slightly smaller size. We will be doing single cuisine in a contemporary way.

Flying High

By the end of the year, we will be opening two more outlets under this brand and from here we are opening our doors to franchise pan India. We are also looking forward to expand immediately in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur and Pune.

Scouting for the Right Partner

Our expectations out of a franchisee would be that he should be a hands-on person and owner of the property. And in case he doesn’t own the property then he must have the lease which should be long enough and the property should be secured for a longer period because our brand is sustainable for longer period.

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