How This Software Engineer Is Creating A Buzz In The Culinary World
How This Software Engineer Is Creating A Buzz In The Culinary World

Being very particular about his diet since his childhood, Angad prefers to consume healthy and fresh food. Therefore when he decided to start the restaurant, Angad decided to serve fresh food. Excerpts from the interview:

What was the whole idea?

The journey hasn’t been very easy. Hailing from Punjab, our culture has always been high when it’s about food. I have been brought up on amazing food continue to follow that trend. I was always curious to prepare various cuisines from the present one. Serving honest food to my customers was the prime motive while coming up with this venture. Although a software engineer by profession, my heart lay in the culinary world which ultimately brought me here.

Enlighten us on your journey so far.

When I started off, I was quite naïve and unaware of the requirements to run a venture. I personally believe that whenever we open our café for customers, it’s like a final exam where failing is not an option. Though initially, things were quite rough, I have matured a lot with time. Now I know the business thoroughly.

Why the name Amalfi?

I always found places a little too loud every time I went out to eat in Delhi and craved for a place where one can just sit and relax with some soothing music and great ambiance followed by delicious food. I met Chef Francesca who hailed from Piemonte region, Italy and started sharing our thoughts on the name and concept which we could adopt. Italians and Indians are very similar when it’s about culture. She came on board and ran my kitchen training the staffs with all her recipes. Our ambiance is designed in a manner that the customers will have an international experience. With the fountain, cobblestone, surrounded by greenery and twinkling lights and some lovely Italian lounge music in the background, the Amalfi coast has been recreated.

What is the average footfall?

We do fairly well during summers whereas the winters are highly packed. 

What are the specialties available on your menu?

We are not a multi-cuisine restaurant. We wanted to focus on a single cuisine, Italian cuisine. We serve varieties of Italian cuisines namely Soufflé Alla Gorgonzola, Penne con pancetta e prosciutto di Parma, Salmone alla griglia etc.    

How do you see the latest food trend in our food market?

People are traveling more now thereby increasing their knowledge and awareness of various international food trends. I can see a trend where people are showing their interest towards healthy cuisines. They are getting more health conscious than ever. So keeping this particular trend in mind, we are always ready to welcome our guests providing them with something they expect from us. Whether they are on a Keto or gluten-free diet, once they inform us and the next moment we cater according to their need.

What is your USP?

People come into the restaurant to eat some good honest food. That is my USP.  We use fresh ingredients with best of the meats at our restaurant trying to make everything from scratch. We are trying to cater the food with sheer honesty at our venue.

Who are your target audience?

We don’t have any specific target audience and cater to everyone who believes in enjoying good tasty food in a good ambiance. Our customers can range from 8 years to 80 years old.

Any expansion plans?

Indeed. We are planning to open more branches of Amalfi and would love to dabble in some other cuisines as well in the near future.

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