Tips to Grow Your Biz
Tips to Grow Your Biz

As food industry is up for innovations and experiments these days; building new theories and new trends are the new words for this industry. And, the work has not finished yet, now they need to post their experiment every where possible, to make it count and in people’s knowledge. Key is to find the niche and experiment with that. Give customers something to relate i.e.’ cuisine, service, quality or ambience and make strategy according to that.

Adding Health Quotient:

Restaurants today are becoming health conscious by themselves. They are very choosey about picking up ingredients to make sure customer gets a healthy meal. A new trend is being witnessed in the US that the people there have stopped spending on restaurants but they spend on grocery. It tells that most of the people are not interested in dining out but getting the grocery in and cook by themselves. Similarly, a shift towards healthy food is happening in India. That is why restaurant food has moved to choose a healthy concept keeping in mind the consciousness for health of the precious customer.

Riding on Convenience:

Restaurants are also making food sector more convenient for eaters today. For example, Starbucks has an application where customer can choose the coffee and tell them from where the customer wants to pick it up. So they keep it ready and customer can just go to the counter and pick it up on the go. Another example is the kiosk at McDonald’s where one needs to punch in whatever he/ she wants to it and food comes out. Technology actually makes life much easier by making things accessible.

Value for Money:

As people look to restaurants to meet their daily needs, they are more likely to choose a restaurant to eat if it’s affordable. Restaurateurs have downshifted to quick service to capitalize on the huge opportunity food previously was reserved for the rich is becoming more accessible.

Competitive and Flexible:

Restaurant jobs are highly stressed, high turnover and average pay. Holding on to cooks and make staff wait is difficult. Regulations and conventions as well as competition from the gigantic economy make it even harder. On the other hand, it should be flexible where they can work on their terms so that they won’t feel overburdened.

Truth and Transparency:

Food system is moving towards transparency. Sustainable and ethical food production is going mainstream even Starbucks and Burger King are changing how they source their products which support producers who are aligned on a set of shared values. Consumers have access to more information than ever before. Therefore, the big brands are more likely to work with the producers who follow the same ethos as that brand does.

Transparent Supply Chain:

Today, food travels thousands of miles which sits idle for weeks and is meant for shelf life rather than for nutrition or taste. UberEATS have improved steps in traceability of all organic produce. Soon, smart phones and eventually autonomous cars and trucks will make it possible to match local supply with local demand in real time. So, the restaurateur will actually be able to know the origin of food.

All of these trends will take us to the future. There will be no more boring food; people will be able to get food bite anytime and anywhere.

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