Why are restaurants playing with local flavours?
Why are restaurants playing with local flavours?

Menu planning and designing is very important part of a restaurant. Many a times, big restaurant chains come up with great bang but fail to position itself in market because of the fact that the menu not so liked by the locals customers.

Restaurant menu is the reflection of a restaurant. It's more than the list of foods with its prices. A menu should be well designed and shoud be defining the type of food being served at the restaurant. And, more often, it is defined as an important marketing tool to gain customers towards a particular restaurant.

Revamping the restaurant menu

No one likes to taste the same food over a long period of time. Today everyone believes on tweaking and playing with different flavours of menu. And thus, the restaurant owners and chefs believe in revamping their menu and flavours every 4-6 months to show their creativity in the cuisine that they serve.
"We keep on revamping our menu every four months to maintain a good foothold at all our restaurants, as it helps in always presenting yourself a step ahead of your customers", says Chef Subrata Debnath, Executive Chef, Hyatt Regency, Chennai.

Many a times, restaurant focus on everything but they tend to forget creating a fingerlicious menu. Menu change is a very essential part of a restaurant kitchen to make your customer a comeback customer. All people in this world like experiencing new tweaks and these tweaks give them an amazing experience of changing taste.

Commenting on the same, Sachet Shah, one of the partner, Go Panda, a newly opened restaurant in Mumbai, believes, "For the next 8-9 months, our focus will be on building a strong foothold and customer base for Go Panda. We will also revamp our menu every four months to give the customer a feel of something new and exciting whenever they visit our restaurant."

On the other hand, major food brands like Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, Domino's, KFC and Indian majors like Barbeque Nation, Mainland China and Cafe Coffee Day amongst other keep on tweaking their menu to give their product a touch of freshness. Exciting flavours are always helpfull gaining the customers attention.

Recently, major global chains like Burger King, Carl's Jr and Johny Rockets who are known for their beef offerings have made their Indian menu beef-free to target the Indian customer here. Experts are of the opinion that everything in a restaurant starts with the product being served. You can claim to be a successful chain only when you standardise the product and it's the most important thing that a restaurateur needs to understand.

Hence, the above examples show that to keep the restaurant position in the fast driven Indian market, which is growing at a CAGR of 20 percent annually, where people loves to eat every third day of the week. The restaurant industry needs to gear up themselves to keep innovating new and move ahead of its customer.

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