Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru Welcomes Chef Roberto Apa as Executive Sous Chef
 Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru Welcomes Chef Roberto Apa as Executive Sous Chef

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru has recently appointed Chef Roberto Apa as the Executive Sous Chef.

The team eagerly anticipates Chef Roberto Apa contributing his expertise and distinctive culinary perspective to their kitchen.

Chef Apa has worked at well-known hotels like Marriott International. His last job was being the head chef at Scalini Restaurant in Doha.

 “All my commitment and aim is to give a superlative culinary experience for the guests who dine with me and etch on their memories a truly unique experience for which they would love to come back and relive the moments of joy and happiness. Even though the property is relatively new, it has already established itself with its culinary repertoire. Its relentless efforts to offer the best in class, and maintain standards and perfection aligns perfectly with my working style and approach.” said Chef Roberto Apa, Executive Sous Chef.

Chef Roberto further expresses, "My culinary style is intricately tied to my personal experiences and memories. Each dish reflects a piece of Italian culture, embodying the rich tradition of family recipes passed down through generations within the familial kitchen from the farm to the countryside and the ocean. These recipes have been further shaped by my diverse global culinary experiences and innovative cooking techniques.

Chef has completed his education at IPSAR Lucio Petronio and ALMA of the National Academy of Italian Cuisine.

Chef Roberto Apa knows a lot about the restaurant business and has vast experience in running big kitchens. He makes sure the food is always excellent for the customers and maintains high-quality standards.

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