Freedom 251 controversy row: Now Adcom threatens action

As per Adcom, the company sold phones to Ringing Bells at Rs 3,600 per unit without being aware of its intention of reselling it at Rs 251.
Freedom 251

Snags now seem to be a part of Noida-based startup ‘Ringing Bells’ that last month unveiled world’s cheapest smartphone ‘Freedom 251’ at mere Rs 251 (less that $4). In a recent row, domestic feature phone brand Advantage Computers’ also known as Adcom has said that it would take strict legal actions against Ringing Bells. As per Adcom, the company sold phones to Ringing Bells at Rs 3,600 per unit without being aware of its intention of reselling it at Rs 251.

Since its launch, Freedom 251 has been into the radar of controversies starting from its incredibly low price, Apple-like UI-UX, fraud case by its BPO Cyfuture and now this. While the entire nation is still puzzled with the suspense behind the smartphone’s pricing, these one after another hullabaloo have surely tagged everyone’s attention.

Adcom is surely not happy with this incident and says it will not hesitate from taking legal actions against the company if it in anyways affects their brand name or face any subsequent losses. Like many others, Adcom too believes it to be the gimmick of the millennium that exhibits the potential of maligning their brand.

The several times alleged company, Ringing Bells has clarified that the phone was indeed made by Adcom, but said that the units presented to the media for review was a prototype that was sourced from Adcom. It also said that it had other manufacturers involved and would be open to revealing their names.

On the contrary, during the launch, the prototypes that were given to media for review had Adcom’s branding hidden with white paint. The company was also been probed by the enforcement directorate and ostensibly company’s business model does not compliance with such low pricing.

The company has now started refunding money to initial buyers who have ordered the device online. Now the phone will only have a cash-on-delivery service. Ringing Bells claims to wind up their initial orders by end of June.

Mohit Goel (Director of Ringing Bells), son of a grocery shop owner from Shamli, a small district in Uttar Pradesh has surely taken the world with a storm after the launch of his controversial yet much-talked about smartphone. But roads ahead will not be easy for Goel as Adcom’s allegation might just be a starter. California-based iPhone manufacturer, Apple could do the rest. Freedom 251 has wickedly copied application icons. It has bluntly used the coding of its apps including camera, web browser, calculator etc. from Apple’s iOS source. Now, take it this way, before the smartphone gets delivered to your place, the firm might bid adieu if Apple think about pressing charges on the company.

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