La Martina's new drive for style is the development of technology.
LA Martina

La Martina’s new drive for style is the development of technology

It’s not really a revolution, but rather an evolution that retains certain iconic elements and items that embody the identity of La Martina, which are must-haves and provide the inspiration for the new collection.

The change of pace that caters to future generations who will be born and brought up in an all-digital world, with no barriers of time and place, has triggered a series of changes that like pieces in a domino are reflected in new designer trends, developing the need for a fresh, contemporary and innovative interpretation of style.

Stylistically the fusion of tradition and evolution has led to the creation of the new collection, now added to the fashion house’s classic collection, which are more casual with vibrant and radiant colours, with its smart casual cuts that elegantly combine natural, earthy colours.

A daily-wear casual chic look which has its roots in the lifestyle of the Polo game is where you consider that every Polo match is also a social happening. It is a way to mingle with people who share the same interests and is only natural that this way of life is reflected in clothing.

"There is a special sense of belonging in this world which is made of sport, but also days spent outdoors with the family", explains Lando Simonetti, President and Founder of La Martina.

It is this feeling that the collection wants to capture, where the evolution of style is a new high point in the creative process: awareness of self, a cosmopolitan vision of society continually in the mould lead to an approach that leaves no room for nostalgia, but rather enhances the new.

The collection as a whole reflects the absolute excellence in product quality that is based solidly on tradition and Argentine pride, the root from which the new style emerges, suggesting an international approach to taste.

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