How Britannia is Planning to Have a Strong Hold in The Cheese Category
How Britannia is Planning to Have a Strong Hold in The Cheese Category

Britannia Industries Ltd. one of India’s leading Food Companies is aiming to climb up the ladder to have a stronghold in the cheese category in India. In order to do so, the company recently entered into a joint venture with Bel, a renowned French cheese maker and a major player in healthy snacking in a bid to offer Indian consumers a world-class range of nutritious, delicious, and accessible cheese products.

With its presence in over 80 countries, Britannia industries are one of India’s leading food companies with 100+ years of legacy, a parent company to some of India’s favorite brands including Good Day, the Laughing Cow, Bourbon, Nutrichoice, etc.

While Britannia was making its mark in India with our numerous brands, Bel Group was making its mark as a global leader in branded cheese and healthy snacking business. With its popular brands like Laughing Cow and the BabyBel, Bel Group is now present in nearly 120 countries.

Inception of Britannia

From largely being a biscuit manufacturer to becoming a global total foods company, Britannia as a part of this transition started scaling up its dairy business by focussing on value-added products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk-based beverages to cater to the growing consumer needs of fortified and healthier products. The company also set out to build its first mega food park at Ranjangaon in Maharashtra.

With owned manufacturing, the company aims to ensure greater control of innovations, quality, and cost to consumers. Today Britannia is sourcing quite a bit of milk from 2,850 farmers which helps it secure consistent and good quality milk.

Moreover, Britannia Samriddhi is enabling farmers in Maharashtra to enhance the quality of milk and the quantum of the yield by making sure that they adopt the right practices. These initiatives helped improve their economic status in line with the government’s national mission for sustainable agriculture to make it more productive, remunerative, and resilient.

“Today we have a strong manufacturing capability, robust technology, and a very efficient back-end operating at a large-scale, our investment and efforts have set us on a solid foundation to build towards a vision of becoming a global foods company,” said Varun Berry, Vice Chairman, and MD, Britannia Industries.

Britannia and the Processed Cheese Industry

The processed cheese industry in India is very nascent, even though the milk supply chain in the country has developed to deliver fresh milk to the doorstep every day. The brand states it has a large canvas of opportunities to deliver more value-added milk products to its consumers. It believes the logical next step after setting up a world-class backend is to explore this canvas.

Of the various processed dairy products, the most dominant category is cheese, it has evolved as a fast-growing category in the country. The cheese was made popular by the quick service restaurants and the delectable taste of cheese became popular with consumers. However, its under-penetrated, and only 5 percent of Indian households consume cheese and making it very important for players like Britannia to increase this penetration as it grows forward.

“The cheese category is growing at more than 20 percent, the segment promises enormous potential for growth and we have decided to double down our investment to grow this category. We are very clear that Britannia must bring the best of every segment we operate into our consumers, for cheese too, our desire was to make and deliver the best options from around the world to India, commented Berry.

He further added, “It is with this vision that we explore a partnership with the world’s leading cheese brand and its maker, a partnership that could combine our world-class manufacturing with the leading edge in the innovation of cheese making.”

Britannia’s Initiative

As an Indian company, we are proud to be an integral part of the prime minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat as we manufacture the best of delicious, nutritious, and accessible products from across the world for the people of India.

We aim to serve delightful cheese experiences to all consumers at all times of the day, thereby creating new consumption occasions, this will further help the milk farmers of Maharashtra with consistent and greater market access through the optimized milk collection initiative.  

“This partnership will combine the complementary strengths of both partners, Bel Group has been a pioneer in cheese, serving a variety of cheese over the years under the laughing cow brand name. Now the products will be co-branded using the trademarks of Britannia and The Laughing Cow and then we will introduce innovative formats to ride on the fast-growing cheese category in the country,” asserted Varun Berry.

Becoming a Total Foods Company

Abhishek Sinha, Chief Business Officer of, Dairy business, Britannia who has been named the CEO of the Joint Venture said, “As we witness the 2 organizations coming together, it is a coming together of our individual strengths which are combining together and complimenting.”

“Over the years Britannia has become the most trusted food brand of India, with its vision of becoming a total foods company has been our driving force. Today we have taken one step towards our vision of making cheese a category to reckon with,” added Sinha.

Britannia’s presence in India has been second to none and has been selling its products through 6.5 million outlets which are further being consumed in 225 million households, practically serving a Britannia product to every Indian every month.

The Road Forward

In order to tap growth opportunities across the country, the brand is purposed with a very clear vision to elevate food consumption in India, by making the pleasure of eating nutritious and delightful cheese accessible to every Indian and thus creating over a billion consumers.

The brand aims to co-create and co-develop superior products in a format known by the majority of Indians, while also providing them with new experiences. Moreover, the brand is confident about its control on the back end that would allow it access to completely integrated units with state-of-art machinery thus providing the brand with control over the cost and the quality of what we produce in India.

“We aim to leverage the strength of Britannia’s distribution to reach the Britannia Laughing Cow Cheese in every household, every outlet of this country,” said Abhishek Sinha.

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