ASICS Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils GEL-LYTE V Sneakers
ASICS Expands Product Portfolio, Unveils GEL-LYTE V Sneakers

ASICS SportStyle has announced the return of the GEL-LYTE V sneaker to celebrate the shoe's 30th anniversary. The GEL-LYTE V RE: COLLABORATION and GEL-LYTE V RE: MATERIAL sneakers are based on the iconic running shoe from 1993. They’ve been modified using leftover materials from past designs and collaborations to create something new. These limited edition sneakers drop in India with only 108 pairs in each style available in the country.

The original designer and lead product developer for the GEL- LYTE V sneaker was inspired by discarded performance running shoe sketches from other designers at ASICS.After finding elements that he liked from the range of sketches, he was able to combine these features and apply them to create the original GEL-LYTE V sneaker's upper.

The GEL-LYTE V RE: MATERIAL sneaker uses leftover material and sustainable material from the supplier and blends them in an unexpected way. The result is a shoe that celebrates the legacy, craftsmanship, sustainability, style, and comfort that ASICS SportStyle is known for worldwide.

The GEL-LYTE V RE: COLLABORATION sneaker remixes a range of influences from 30 iconic GEL-LYTE V collaborations. Creating a patchwork aesthetic, this shoe combines different suede, nubuck, and mesh panels that appeared in these past projects. 

The original tooling design was intended to make it flexible for runners. This shoe's tooling retains its wavy design from when it first hit the running market in 1993. Additionally, ASICS SportStyle has revamped the midsole's construction to include at least 20 percent recycled materials to support more sustainable manufacturing.

Each sneaker from the capsule will be packaged in special edition shoeboxes with a QR code that takes users to a GEL-LYTE V microsite. This microsite will include additional information that explores the collection's design process in greater depth. 

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