Deepika Padukone Becomes Dyson's Hair Care Technologies Brand Ambassador
Deepika Padukone Becomes Dyson's Hair Care Technologies Brand Ambassador

Dyson, the renowned global technology company, has proudly appointed Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador for their Hair Care technologies. This collaboration signifies Dyson's commitment to promoting the significance of maintaining healthy hair while showcasing its technologically advanced styling tools' relevance.

Dyson's legacy of groundbreaking technology is evident. Seven years ago, the game-changing Dyson Supersonic hairdryer redefined hair care by utilizing fast, controlled airflow and intelligent heat management for swift and gentle drying. This innovative approach preserves hair strength and vitality. Subsequently, Dyson has crafted an array of styling tools engineered to produce outstanding styles for diverse hair types, minimizing exposure to excessive heat damage. Dyson's styling tools' exceptional performance is the culmination of over a decade's worth of research, encompassing aspects from hair structure to airflow dynamics, and the understanding of thermal, mechanical, and chemical impacts on hair health.

Ankit Jain, MD of Dyson India said, "We are thrilled to join forces with Deepika Padukone. Infusing cutting-edge engineering with visionary design, Dyson Hair Care technologies have, and will continue to, revolutionize our approach to hair care and styling. Our partnership with Deepika will further elevate discussions about versatile, healthy daily styling suitable for all hair types."

Known for her elegance, sophistication, and boundary-pushing spirit, Deepika embodies individuality in her craft. Her belief in simplifying skincare and hair care routines with high-performance, science-backed products aligns harmoniously with Dyson's vision. Dyson's mission to redefine hair styling through innovative engineering for all hair types resonates with Deepika's dedication to a seamless blend of science, technology, health, and beauty.

Dyson's approach to styling is rooted in advanced science and technology. With a commitment to research and technology advancement, Dyson is set to introduce 20 new beauty products over the next four years, along with a significant investment. This investment will facilitate enhanced research, global hair type understanding, and the continuous diversification of Dyson's beauty technology. The Hair Care range, which includes the Dyson Corrale straightener, Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, and Dyson Airwrap multi-styler, showcases Dyson's years of research and product development by their hair engineers.

Across Dyson's four Technology Campuses, 6,000 engineers and scientists access state-of-the-art laboratories for rigorous testing and innovation. Dyson's commitment to catering to all hair types remains steadfast, with dedicated research and advanced equipment to comprehend hair behavior and develop healthier styling methods. Cutting-edge machinery, including scanning electron microscopes, thermal cameras, and airflow laser smoke machines, aids in understanding hair damage, global hair types, and the effects of high-speed airflow.

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